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Comment by Tina V.
2007-12-11 15:23:44

I wanna hug Tenderness… Looks so fluffy and, well, huggable XD

Comment by Jade Granito
2007-12-21 12:11:09

That’s very nice about three friends going on a walk

Comment by Elizabeth
2008-07-30 13:42:12

Hee hee!! Very cue :D I love Tenderness

Comment by Elizabeth
2008-07-30 13:42:42

er….I mean cute…..><

Comment by Da Wonderer
2009-03-23 06:54:29

But if Love and Tenderness go hand in hand, then who is the girl in the middle? Isn’t she actually [i]stopping[/i] them from holding hands? So, doesn’t this rather signify tough love? Hmm…

Comment by A'Kiaya
2009-03-26 17:15:10

i love going to read these comics

Comment by Bobertatte
2009-03-26 17:16:21

i hate these comics they are like puke!

Comment by Ettudedina
2009-03-26 17:17:30

i have this lucky charm that sometimes i use for when i have to go to the bathroom because i csn’t get it out

Comment by Pollimigo
2009-05-30 18:16:05

Da Wonderer, go look at the cast of characters. Bobertatte, if you don’t like them, then DON’T see them. I for one, like these comics and I don’t want bashers coming and ruining it,please.

Comment by Sailor Moon
2010-03-21 01:05:06


Comment by Triceratops
2010-04-25 03:12:30

Yeah well, too bad for you. Sailor Moon, if he was murdered, then love would be the only thing left!
Well, and Hate. But you yourself, YOU are Hate, I’d say.

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