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Comment by Boy Kimbly
2007-03-19 04:19:22

lol :lol: lol funny. i watch harry potter. cant wait till 5th movie comes out! :smile:

Comment by Tenderness
2007-03-19 12:28:54

hi every1 i used to b Boy Kimbly but i like tenderness now. :wink:

Comment by Tenderness
2007-03-19 12:31:46

P.S why doesnt “Hairy Potter” have a scar? :sad: and why doesnt he have a wand? wah

Comment by PurpleKoopa
2007-03-19 17:03:06

You wouldn’t see a scar under his fur! Plus, he works hard and actually makes his pots my hands instead of making them appear with magic… It makes his craftwork better, even if it is a little hairy! :)

Comment by Tenderness
2007-03-20 04:18:42

i guess youre right…..

Comment by Tenderness
2007-03-20 04:25:14

hey ryan get a chatbox like what Tyler has! :wink:

Comment by Emma the 1st
2007-05-03 18:29:25

Ha!! I haven’t laughed so hard since…ever! I’m re-reading the 5th book again. :D
To get technical, the hair would burn away during the firing… (don’t shoot me)

Comment by Curry
2007-06-07 20:56:30

I have a furry cup, I guess now I know where it came from!

Comment by ceiliye
2008-05-22 20:22:03

Who cares if he’s harry or “Harry”! >:(

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