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Comment by Lee Cherolis
2007-04-02 03:57:30

Tenderness looking very formal. Is the Viking soap off-key?

Comment by Tenderness
2007-04-02 04:17:15

who needs opera glasses to watch a sink? and were done with best of kimbly :sad:

Comment by Tenderness
2007-04-02 04:18:28

and the toothbrush has a mohawk! :wink:

Comment by Ryan sias
2007-04-02 06:45:54

Hey Lee,
Yup.. Tenderness is a great Usher! : )
why do you think the Viking soap is off key?

hahaa.. Kimbly wants to make sure she see all the action! Plus i needed more things that looked like an OPERA in the cartooon! : )

I’m thinking of doing best of kimbly every tues & thurs now.. i’m not totally sure yet.. but i’m thinking about it..


Comment by Lee Cherolis
2007-04-02 11:38:11

I thought it’d be funny to say. But if you look at it the Orange has this look on it’s face like it’s hearing the Green soap sing off key. But you could also say the Orange soap is just intense.

Comment by Tenderness
2007-04-02 12:25:01

And the Viking soap looks like its singing with all its might! so it must be singing off-key! :smile: and Ryan, i agree with doing the best of kimbly Tue. and Thur. id like 2 see that!

Comment by Tenderness
2007-04-02 12:33:28

oh hey Ryan ive noticed a pattern about the comments: the comments go white purple white purple! look at the comments here, they have a color pattern! :wink:

Comment by Phizlo
2007-04-02 14:14:18

Tenderness has a nice tuxedo. ;) Now we can see the opera in the sink! Much cheaper than your regular opera show! :)

Comment by Ryan Sias
2007-04-02 18:31:06

Hey Lee, Oh yeah.. now that you say that is does look like the orange guy is give the green soap an odd look.. : ) I had orginally thought he was just intense.. but i like your idea more! : )

Hey Tenderness,, Yeah the different color commetns are cool… it makes it easy to tell them apart! : )

Yeah, i think i’m going to do the best of kimbly tues & thurs.. i’m still warming up to it.. but i might start next week.. i’ll make a big deal about it! : )

Hey Phizlo… hahaha.. yeah, a sink opera is MUCH cheeper! : ) and WAY more conveient!
plus Kimbly was lucky Tenderness had that TUX! : )

THanks everyone!!

Comment by ceiliye
2008-05-22 20:27:58

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Comment by N
2010-10-03 22:36:17

…12 bubbles…

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