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Comment by Ela
2007-05-06 21:13:20

That’s cute.

Comment by Ryan sias
2007-05-07 19:04:00

Hey Ela,

Thanks!! glad ya enjoyed it! :)


Comment by Mr. Random
2009-12-22 23:35:07

wait… wats a shoe horn?

Comment by Janus
2007-05-07 02:54:41

Tenderness must have very strong longs.

Comment by Ryan sias
2007-05-07 19:04:33

Yes,, maybe they are hiding under all the fluffy fur! : )




Comment by Lee Cherolis
2007-05-07 04:09:16

Ha! The shoelaces make this comic for me. Well done!

Comment by Ryan sias
2007-05-07 19:05:26

Great!! i actually added that at the last second.. orignally they were tied,, but it seemed funnier if they were moving like they were blowen.. : )



Comment by Starguy
2007-05-07 06:26:30

Very cute, especially with the flapping shoelaces.

Comment by Ryan sias
2007-05-07 19:06:04

AWesome,, thanks!!!!

Yeah the flapping shoelaces are pretty funny.. i added them at the last second.. so now i’m glad i did! : )



Comment by Lone Priestess
2007-05-07 06:33:41

I know that this comic is about puns, but it also demonstrates why English is a hard language to learn.

Your comic is very addictive. I can’t stop reading!

Comment by Ryan sias
2007-05-07 19:08:31

Hahahah yes,, our language can be confusing.. so many words that mean 2 things!! I know i confuse alot of people who dont’ speak english. i try to keep the puns VERY obvisous words.. so everyone over seas can understand them…

Cool, i’m glad your hooked!!! i’ll keep them coming.. i’m working on wed and friday right now!!



Comment by Phizlo
2007-05-07 13:09:44

I don’t know whether to blow a shoe or wear a horn. Hard to decide, isn’t? Unless the shoe was smelly. VERY smelly.

Comment by Ryan sias
2007-05-07 19:09:33

HAhaha. yes,, that’s what i think.. it can be eaither.. but i agree if the shoe is smell i wouldnt’ want to blow into it! : ) that’s be GROSS!!!!!




Comment by Tenderness
2007-05-08 04:10:43

lol love it! What music does a shoe play? SOLE! lol first time ive seen Kimblys feet!
Great Comic!

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