Guess the pun wrap up, and other stuff.

June 10th, 2007

June 10, 07
WOW, that’s the biggest response to “Guess the pun” yet! Thanks to everyone that played!

I think the comic could also have been called house music, but I might draw that one now! ☺

I’ve been busy cleaning and working. I’m trying to get ride of stuff. it just builds up somehow. I’ve also been going to a lot of awesome art show.. I’m trying to pull together a video to show you all!

I’m going out to Fire Island later this week, so only 2 Kimbly comics this week, where I’m going I wont even have phone reception, and I don’t have time to get that Friday comic done before I leave.

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Comment by hi
2007-06-13 17:15:15

club dancing

Comment by Onion Volcano
2007-06-14 01:12:11

Golf Club? Golf Clubbing? Golf Night Club?

Comment by Eryene
2007-06-14 02:15:48

dancing at the ‘golf club’! :D
^^ gee it would be embarrassing if im completely off, meh o well

im really quite interested in how u colour silent kimbly, is it purely digital, or a bit of digi + traditional mediums scanend in? i only ask because i could swear alot of the time it looks like crayons or some type of pastel ^^ other times water colours and some times neither.

Sincerely a confuzzled, curious (in love with textures) Eryene

Comment by ryan
2007-06-18 08:42:15

Hey Eryene,

sorry for getting back to you so late.. :)

Yes, i draw it with colored pencil and then do some quick water colors for the background. Then i scan it in a finish it off in the computer. Normally i color the characters totally in the computer. Somehow my colored pencils look like crayons, I’m not sure why, but i dont mind. : )

so i hope this helps, let me know if this makes sense! : )


Comment by Daniel
2007-06-14 14:16:51

Dance Club! I really liked this one! :)

Comment by ryan
2007-06-18 08:42:53

Hey Daniel,

COol, thanks! i think it was alot of fun also! :)


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