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Comment by Boo
2007-06-25 11:13:24

Aww. Poor Kimbly and Krusher.

Does Tenderness know all there is to eat is chains?

Comment by ryan
2007-06-26 21:32:08

Yeah, it’s no fun to pay for food you cant’ eat! : )

Apprently Tenderness doesnt know what he’s in for.



Comment by Nezume
2007-06-25 12:53:56

Is it a Chinese “chain” restraunt. (they are using chopsticks.)

Comment by ryan
2007-06-26 21:32:37

HAHha.. maybe.. but krusher has some kinda chain hamburer.. so i’m not sure what it is! : )



Comment by Ela
2007-06-25 14:42:29

Nice robots! And I like the chains!

Comment by ryan
2007-06-26 21:33:11

Cool, thanks!! i like the robots also!

those chains were more trikcy to draw than i thought..

glad ya liked it..

Comment by Janus
2007-06-25 14:58:34

Does Tenderness like chains? Because he never struck me as the type of person(?) who eats metal chains.

Comment by ryan
2007-06-26 21:34:02

YEah, i dont think he eats chains.. i dont think he knows what he’s getting into.. I think he’s just joinig Kimbly and Krusher for food.. but he’s late! :)


Comment by Tenderness
2007-06-25 20:16:17

that robot waiter is the waiter of the future! very creaive to find a way to make chains into everything!
Love it

Comment by ryan
2007-06-26 21:34:31

HAha.. yes.. he is the robot of the future.. he’s called R2 d2! : )



Comment by Mycaelus
2007-06-25 23:05:53

I think that Tenderness is going to be mightily disappointed! When he heard there was a new “chain restaurant” in town, and saw that the building was indeed made of chains, that they would probably serve chains for lunch as well. The town he lives in is just the sort of place for a wacky restaurant like that!

Comment by ryan
2007-06-26 21:37:04

HAha.. yes.. that’s kinda what i think happend.. i always like to try new resturants.. not nessiarly knowing what it’s going to be..

I agree, thier town ins the kinda town where this could happen!


Comment by YoKo
2007-06-26 00:03:32

Do they have to pay with cold, hard cash?

Comment by ryan
2007-06-26 21:34:58

Hey Yoko..

HAhah… maybe!! : ) now i want to draw that!!..



Comment by Starguy
2007-06-26 11:23:56

Another good one. I think Tenderness is looking at the chains and liking his lips so perhaps he enjoys chain food.

Comment by YoKo
2007-06-26 20:32:51

Maybe he’s hoping of ordering some hot links…


Comment by ryan
2007-06-26 21:35:59

HAhah. yoko.. your so funny! : )


Comment by ikechi
2007-08-15 14:02:31

not funny yoko

Comment by ryan
2007-06-26 21:35:38

Yeah, maybe he does.. but i think he doesnt really know what he’s getting into.. i think he’s meeting kimbly and krusher for lunch..


Comment by coolio
2007-08-03 21:42:40

I must say, it looks like Kimbly and Krusher are on a very bad date….with Tenderness crashing it.

….Oh look! Chains!

Comment by ikechi
2007-08-15 14:04:30

kim is using chopsticks

Comment by ikechi
2007-08-15 14:05:43

chain burger?

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