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Comment by Christine
2007-07-20 10:27:35

lol! How clever, dresses “up” *snort, snicker* Kimbly’s doing a great job, too. What a cute dress! Love Tenderness trying to cheer up “Down” with balloons. I wonder if “Down” is always sad, heh. Binx is looking a bit Tigger-like bouncing on his springy tail. XD.
Thanksh as always Ryan for helping to start my day off with a smile. And have a great vacation!

Comment by ryan
2007-07-20 19:09:40

Hey Christine,

I think down would alway be kinda “down” :)

yeah, it seemed like a funny idea when it came into my head over the weekend.. so i’m glad ya liked it!

i’m also glad i could help start off your day with a smile!



Comment by Starguy
2007-07-20 11:00:03

Pretty cute. I don’t think “Right” likes the pun.

Comment by ryan
2007-07-20 19:06:56

Hey Starguy.

Thanks!! i agree.. he eaither doesn’t like the pun or he doenst like NOT getting dressed up! :)



Comment by Nezume
2007-07-20 11:34:00

Ha ha! Poor right and down. Left does not really seem to care though.

Comment by ryan
2007-07-20 19:08:06

Hey Nezume,

Yeah Down seems pretty down! : ) I think right wants to get dressed up also.. and left seems into it.. those crazy directoins! :)


Comment by Benjamin wilson
2007-07-20 22:18:10

exelent comic

are you doing more pvp guest strips?

Comment by Janus
2007-07-21 13:28:28

Awww, poor down. I think he(she?) wants be be dressed up too.

Comment by Benjamin wilson
2007-07-22 05:11:06

down is definately a guy. People draw in eyelashes to show a girl usually.

Comment by Twiggle
2008-08-12 11:28:31

Kimbly really ought to dress Right.

Comment by TNT
2009-02-24 14:39:54

The others must have LEFT their fasion senses at home.


Comment by Bevin
2009-03-07 13:56:21


Awsome Comic my friend.

I gotta go.
Catch u on the fly.

Comment by Lajuana Burkman
2010-07-27 22:25:01

Stumbled on this great article while surfing the internet and by no means uncovered any intriguing write-up like yours. Truly loved the way you wrote this and I just love the dress.

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