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Inspired by Harry potter and the deathly hallows p 535.

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Comment by Role
2007-08-06 01:20:45

Hahaha, thought it was going to be some sort of spoiler after the header.

Comment by ryan
2007-08-06 22:26:57

No I promise NO spoilers.. I’m a huge harry potter fan, and i would hate to get spoilers.. Trust me, the comic won’t give away ANYTHING.. in fact i dont really think you’d know they were from harry potter if i didnt say anything! :)


Comment by Christine
2007-08-06 08:51:07

LOL…. that gives “dragon scales” a whole new meaning. XD Very clever!

Poor Tenderness he looks a little nervous about his weight though. heh.

Comment by ryan
2007-08-06 22:29:14

thanks,, i agree.. it hit me while reading that scales has 2 meanings!

Yeah, I think Tenderness is worried.. maybe his fluff is heavy? but i think everyone wants to thinner!



Comment by ikechi
2007-08-14 11:43:23

he does

Comment by TNT
2009-02-24 14:44:20

The scale must say, “One person at a time please”

Comment by Starguy
2007-08-06 11:18:37

Very cute and I can’t wait to see more.

Comment by ryan
2007-08-06 22:25:35


that’s good cuz i’ve got more coming! :)


Comment by Phizlo
2007-08-06 19:09:08

Great comic. I still haven’t got my hands on the new Harry Potter book so I hope the puns won’t have any spoilers.

Comment by ryan
2007-08-06 22:21:33

No i won’t I promise. I’m a HUGE harry potter fan the LAST thing i want to do is spoil anything. you wont be able to tell the rest of the comic have anything to do with harry potter. this one is the “most” harry potter, but all the rest are pretty generic.

So no spoiler here.. :)


Comment by Hermione Carsson
2007-08-06 20:27:39

YEAH FOR HARRY POTTER!!! I’m the biggest fan ever so I really enjoy HP jokes and such. Don’t worry Tenderness…you’d look funny thin!

Hermione Carsson

Comment by ryan
2007-08-06 22:23:01

Her Hermoine,

YEAH,, i agree.. this should be fun.. I’ve got a buch! but from here they are a little more generic, as in you wont really be able to tell they are from harry potter..

Haha.. I’m sure Tenderness apperciates you support! :)



Comment by Person
2007-08-07 11:27:40

i dont really like harry potter…reading the books though

Comment by Vraptor140
2007-08-07 23:19:51

How cute. I’m somewhat of a Harry Potter fan myself, cant wait to be able to read the last book.

…and it looks like Tenderness is a little bit worried about his weight.:)

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