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I’ve hidden the comments, so you wont be able to see others guesses! I’ll post the answer thurs at 3:00! Good luck!

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Comment by Eclipsed Moon
2007-08-08 00:33:11

pitch the tent

Comment by Kent
2007-08-08 01:28:56

Kimbly pitched the tent.

Comment by Madeline
2007-08-08 02:55:26

Um, pitcher? I have no idea… :?

Comment by Janus
2007-08-08 04:08:54

I’m thinking “Baseball camp”. But since it was inspired by Harry Potter I can’t really be sure.

Comment by KWarp
2007-08-08 05:34:40


Comment by Taurin
2007-08-08 07:53:33

Kimbly pitched a tent.

I like this one, good job. I know I wouldn’t want to be in that tent.

Comment by Zen 2nd
2007-08-08 08:15:40

Kimbly pitched a tent?

Comment by Marr
2007-08-08 08:23:10

Pitching a tent.

Comment by Ghulof
2007-08-08 08:24:51

She pitched the tent

Comment by kyevan
2007-08-08 08:26:43

Pitching a tent, Kimbly? Let me help you!


Comment by Czarina
2007-08-08 08:37:37

Pitching a Tent?

Too cute =)

Comment by Carey
2007-08-08 08:37:57

She’s “pitching a tent” !

Comment by Josh Maher
2007-08-08 09:10:44

pitching a tent :)

Comment by Fzysqrl
2007-08-08 09:20:56

Kimbly pitched the tent

Comment by Nilinet
2007-08-08 09:24:40

Kimbly Pitches a tent!! Teehee..

Comment by Heidicrafts
2007-08-08 09:29:51

Baseball Camp, or Sports Camp?

Comment by KRK
2007-08-08 10:06:07

Kimbly pitched the tent.

Comment by Deanethiro
2007-08-08 10:27:27


Comment by Chris
2007-08-08 10:43:57


That’s what I think it is, anyway. I’m not a Harry Potter reader. >_>

Comment by james
2007-08-08 10:54:29

Pitch a tent!

Man after last time this one was too easy.

Its just a children’s comic but for some reason I feel so smart right now. heh

Comment by Steve
2007-08-08 11:04:39

Flying tent? Throwing a tent? Lifting up stakes?
:-D Pitching a tent!

Comment by elise
2007-08-08 11:32:27

Kimbly Pitches a Tent!

Comment by Roy
2007-08-08 11:33:08

Pitching the tent.

(Heh heh… batter up? Nah, that’s a different pun…)

Comment by Eric
2007-08-08 11:48:23

Either Pitching a Tent, or Base Camp, methinks :P

Comment by Daniel
2007-08-08 12:20:29

Kimbly’s pitching a tent!

Comment by DarkGarage
2007-08-08 12:27:35

Is she Pitching a Tent? That seemed maybe a little more adult than usual, but then again. . . . .

Comment by unixrevolution
2007-08-08 12:59:23

Kimbly pitches a tent.

Comment by 00lizard
2007-08-08 13:09:53

hehe… “She was pitching the tent.” is my guess. :)

I’ve been reading through the archives and I just caught up a few days ago. You’ve got some awesome artwork and very cute puns. Thanks for putting time towards this and putting it up on the web for us all to see. I really enjoy reading it.

Comment by Kit-Kun
2007-08-08 13:38:01

Pitching the tent!

Comment by Carrie
2007-08-08 13:53:43

Pitching a tent!! :)

Comment by Pinekones
2007-08-08 13:58:32

Kimbley Pitches A Tent

Comment by Gentleman Jesse
2007-08-08 14:54:40

Kimbly pitches a tent.

Comment by Nick
2007-08-08 15:48:06

Kimbly is pitching a tent. :)

Comment by Rose
2007-08-08 16:25:25

Pitching the tent!!

Comment by Dreamiflame
2007-08-08 17:21:57

Pitching a tent

Comment by Boo
2007-08-08 18:16:42

pitching the tent or something?

Comment by Starguy
2007-08-08 18:21:42

Pitch a tent

Comment by Onion Volcano
2007-08-08 18:27:40

Kimbly Pitched a Tent!

Comment by Suzy
2007-08-08 18:59:26

camping out

Comment by Phizlo
2007-08-08 19:12:52

I guess it’s “Pitching the Tent”. Poor Binx is being pitched too. . .

Comment by Stuart P. Bentley
2007-08-08 19:18:23

pitch a tent

Comment by Nokore
2007-08-08 20:26:06

Pitching a tent. ^-^

Comment by kiwi
2007-08-08 23:24:28

Kimbly pitched the tent!

Comment by checkrdpenguin
2007-08-09 00:34:38

Kimbly pitched a tent.

Comment by Bainick
2007-08-09 03:17:15

Kimbly pitched the tent

Comment by Ali
2007-08-09 04:42:54

Kimbly pitches a tent!

Comment by Luke
2007-08-09 07:09:05

I guess she is pitching a tent ^^

Comment by Nilinet
2007-08-09 08:25:40

Or “Kimbly pitched a tent”

I FINISHED HARRY POTTER!! WOOT! Now I get to read up on fan’s opinions.. theories, fan fics… ah.. Teh life.

Comment by Roger D
2007-08-09 08:49:20

“Kimbly pitches a tent!”

Comment by Bryce
2007-08-09 10:00:56

Wow. I’ve looked at like this for an hour, and then I realized it was pitching a tent. Now I feel really stupid.

Comment by Alfador
2007-08-09 10:25:52

…Base Camp. Hee!

Comment by Shukes
2007-08-09 11:08:59

Pitching A Tent

Comment by Benjamin Wilson
2007-08-09 23:07:44

Man, biggest comment load EVER!!

Yeah, I’m not currently reading that particular hp book but that was still hard to figure out!Dont make them hard next time, ryan!

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