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This comic was inspired by Chapter 19 of Harry potter and the deathly hallows.

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Comment by Cleo
2007-08-13 09:24:21

Sp cute! I love Tenderness adding cheese!…and first comment!!!!

Comment by ryan
2007-08-14 08:36:32

HAha.. yeah, that was a funy addition, Orignally i had him have the crackers.

Congrats on first comment


Comment by Starguy
2007-08-13 10:45:07

I don’t think it looks gross at all. I think it looks very funny.

Comment by ryan
2007-08-14 08:38:18

well good! i didnt want it to be gross.. but i think i just spent to long looking at it. :)



Comment by Hermione Carsson
2007-08-13 11:15:42

I’m glad I’m not there!! I’m allergic to tomatoes! Hehe…besides cold chili would be kinda gross! Haha…I’m too funny! JkJk

Toodles, Hermione

Comment by ryan
2007-08-14 10:05:07

Wow!! i;ve never heard of that allergy. that’s no fun.. so no pizza for you? I image it’s kinda tricky to eat out?

Yeah, maybe the chili is lukewarm? :) eaither way i agree it would be pretty gross. :)


Comment by Steve
2007-08-13 11:16:31

Ryan, you rock the block! :D I love this comic.

Comment by ryan
2007-08-14 08:38:52

HAha.. nice.. i’m glad i could get you to do the happy dance! :)

Thanks!! :)


Comment by Nezume
2007-08-13 12:14:48

Why is Binx eating it if it is so cold? He should heat it up or something!

Comment by ryan
2007-08-14 08:41:02

Maybe BInx likes his chilli cold.. like how i like cold pizza? Or they could take it to the microwave! :)


Comment by Ela
2007-08-13 13:59:11

Eww.. cold chili… must taste funny… Nice comic! :D

Comment by ryan
2007-08-14 08:41:42

Yeah, i think cold chili would be hard to eat.. but it works great for the comic! :)


Comment by Phizlo
2007-08-13 19:36:16

If I was in the “chilly” water, I would have drank it all day! :-) Unless it was very very spicy . .

Comment by ryan
2007-08-14 08:48:26

Hahha.. well then i’m sure you wouldn’t be hungry! : )

I dont think it would be spice or elce it would be hard to be swiming in it! :) it would bunr your eyes!


Comment by Mr. Random
2009-12-25 02:32:02

won’t the Capsaicin make Krushers… ________ burn? like ALOT?
capaicin is the chemical that makes anymammal’s body generate artificial heat… and/or death.

Comment by Christine
2007-08-13 20:35:59

heh… wait… I thought chili was supposed to be hot?? Tenderness’s hat it so darn cute!

Comment by ryan
2007-08-14 08:52:34

well yes,, but maybe this is lukewarm chilil? or it’ is cold, and everyone needs to heat it up?


yeah, Tenderness is kicking it texas style.. for the chilli.


Comment by Benjamin wilson
2007-08-14 03:00:01

You rule ryan!!

Comment by ryan
2007-08-14 08:50:18

Thanks! i try! :O)


Comment by Person
2007-08-14 09:48:50

avocados are good in chili too.
i like Tenderness’s hat

Comment by ryan
2007-08-14 10:05:52

Oh yeah i agree. i also really like green peppers and onion in my chili! :)

Tenderness is having texas style chili! :)


Comment by Person
2007-08-14 09:49:55

i also like the look on Krusher’s face

Comment by Tenderness
2007-08-14 14:22:39


Comment by ikechi
2007-08-15 17:02:54

binx is fine

Comment by kimblyiciouse
2007-08-24 12:32:22

everybody is talking about how the chili would cold, but noone is talking about “it is food,someones body was in it, at their eating it!” ewwww

Comment by Chelsea
2007-10-05 20:12:21

The chili looks a little too real than the cartoon characters.

Comment by activ pro proactiv
2008-07-26 18:40:53

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Comment by Mr. Random
2009-12-23 16:29:29

won’t the Capsaicin make his ________ burn? like ALOT?

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