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I’ve hidden the comments, you can’t see each others answers! I’ll show them all when i show the pun!

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Comment by Kent
2007-08-21 23:40:13


Comment by Taurin
2007-08-22 00:21:25

Kimbly was admiring the nice new swimsuit

Comment by ryan
2007-08-23 23:29:27

hhaha.. good one!!



Comment by Jonsey
2008-05-21 12:07:58

Ryan I’m bored of your comments lol :o

Comment by gram
2008-10-08 22:56:06

why :-/ :-o

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Comment by gram
2008-10-08 22:57:32


Comment by HUKI365
2007-08-22 00:34:54

Swim suit!

Comment by Kitty Ninja
2007-08-22 00:48:25

Swimming Suit!

Comment by Fzysqrl
2007-08-22 01:36:05

wet suit

Comment by Drascin
2007-08-22 02:32:06

I’d say swimming suit :P

Comment by YoKo
2007-08-22 03:09:03

Swim suit of course!

Comment by Spazmatik Illusion
2007-08-22 04:05:25

Swimming Suit.

Comment by Roy
2007-08-22 04:40:12


^_^ I ASCII-heart puns!

Comment by ryan
2007-08-23 23:30:05

Hey Roy!

ya got it!!

thanks for all the pun love! :)


Comment by Ali
2007-08-22 04:55:37


Comment by Zacha
2007-08-22 05:52:46


Comment by Eclipsed Moon
2007-08-22 06:11:15


Comment by BriGuy
2007-08-22 06:34:51


Comment by RichiH
2007-08-22 06:42:06


Comment by Joel
2007-08-22 08:05:40

swim suit. i haven’t ever attempted a guess so hopefully i didn’t eff up.

Comment by ryan
2007-08-23 23:34:00

Hey well good job for your first time!! you got it right!!

see it’s not that hard! :)

thanks for playing!


Comment by Anna
2007-08-22 08:21:07

I love the sunglasses that tenderness is wearing.

Comment by ryan
2007-08-23 23:34:19

haha.. thanks i was trying to make them fun! :)


Comment by Carrie
2007-08-22 08:41:32

Swimming Suit!!!! :)

Comment by unixrevolution
2007-08-22 08:55:54

Swimsuit. How about a challenge, eh? :)

Comment by ryan
2007-08-23 23:36:13

haha. maybe next time!

the problem is if i make it tricky then i dont get alot of comments, if i make it easy everyone comments. i think people like to get it easily..

But i’ll try harder next time.


Comment by Geoff
2007-08-22 09:08:19

Swim suit

Comment by Josh Maher
2007-08-22 09:14:32

Swimming Suit!! :)

Comment by Kevin
2007-08-22 09:15:13

swimming suit

Comment by Pinekones
2007-08-22 09:24:26

Kimbly gets a new swim suit.

Comment by Cleo
2007-08-22 09:39:46

Swimsuit?? I love the expressions on their faces!!!

Comment by ryan
2007-08-23 23:37:39

thanks, i think they all have funny faces also! :)


Comment by DarkGarage
2007-08-22 09:47:18

is it a swimming suit. . .wink, wink, nudge nudge?

Comment by Alien
2007-08-22 09:47:18

It’s a bathing suit! Whee!

Comment by Steve
2007-08-22 09:55:08

I didn’t know that seahorses didn’t wear Swimming Suits. Good knowledge for future use! ;)

Comment by ryan
2007-08-23 23:38:22


now you know! :)


Comment by kate
2007-08-22 09:58:22


Comment by Jan
2007-08-22 10:29:50

Swimsuit – that’s an easy one =)

Comment by Sqee
2007-08-22 10:33:17

XD Oh my these are nice I love them~

Comment by ryan
2007-08-23 23:40:08

thanks! glad you are enjoying them!


Comment by Shiny
2007-08-22 10:43:05

Swim Suit!

Comment by tere
2007-08-22 10:49:09

Kimbly saw a swimsuit she liked?

Comment by Daniel
2007-08-22 11:12:07

Something about a wetsuit. Kimbly swam with a wet suit?

Comment by ryan
2007-08-23 23:40:27

ths is a good line also!! i could of totally used this!


Comment by Luke
2007-08-22 11:30:43

Well thats obviously a swimming suit :)

Comment by Ghulof
2007-08-22 12:17:24

It’s a swimsuit!

Comment by Garrett
2007-08-22 12:18:44

Seems easy enough, unless there’s more to it…


Comment by ryan
2007-08-23 23:41:36

nope! you got it!


Comment by Chris
2007-08-22 12:36:52


Comment by Seth
2007-08-22 12:40:32


Comment by Nick
2007-08-22 12:50:18

Ummm, something to do with a wetsuit?

Comment by checkrdpenguin
2007-08-22 13:05:47


Comment by Rose
2007-08-22 14:14:00

Swimming Suit (or Swim Suit)

Comment by InfamousAdam
2007-08-22 14:48:55

Swimsuit. thats a great one i like it.

Comment by WWW
2007-08-22 15:01:52


Comment by sofie
2007-08-22 15:59:18

Swim-suit!!!!! :)

Comment by Hermione Carsson
2007-08-22 16:03:46


I love the stars on Tenderness’ goggles! His bathing suit is similar to a convicts though! Heehee!


Comment by ryan
2007-08-23 23:43:03

Yeah, origanlly i had Tenderness in an old timey bathing suit. like what guys wore in the 1920!! he had a hat and everything.. but then while i was drawig it added the sunglasses.. but i should of changed the suit.. oh well..



Comment by Brett
2007-08-22 16:50:13

Swimsuit prehaps?

Comment by Ferretlad
2007-08-22 16:50:26

bathing suit….or swimming suit

Comment by Elise
2007-08-22 16:52:00



Comment by Shukes
2007-08-22 16:56:13

Swimsuit, that was an easy one.

Comment by Guy
2007-08-22 17:11:17

Well, english is not my mother tongue, but I guess I know the pun! Is it a bathing or swimming suit?

Comment by ryan
2007-08-23 23:44:29

Your doing pretty good for not having english as first language.. you got it right!! congrats!! :)

and thanks for playing!

where are you from?


Comment by Guy
2007-08-24 07:45:29

Thanks for the compliments! I am from switzerland.

Comment by Onion Volcano
2007-08-22 17:51:54

Swimming Suit!

Comment by kiwi
2007-08-22 18:01:30

Wow, I hadn’t even scrolled to the bottom of the picture before I said “Hey, a swimsuit!”

Comment by Lynnskay
2007-08-22 18:09:40

I think it’s “swimming suit”.

Comment by Cybrina
2007-08-22 19:15:07

is it a swimsuit? yea i think it is. i dont know. you tell me.

Comment by ryan
2007-08-23 23:46:02

yup!! you got it!! your a pro!! :)
thanks for playing!


Comment by Hobbes
2007-08-22 19:44:05

swim suit or swimming suit

Comment by aska
2007-08-22 21:18:17

swimsuit!! haha :D

Comment by aska
2007-08-22 21:18:33

swimsuit!! :D

Comment by Reality Filtered
2007-08-22 21:19:07

swim suit or wet suit.

Comment by Ela
2007-08-22 22:01:49


Comment by Bosser
2007-08-22 23:14:33

Is it Swim Suit Alex?

Comment by Starguy
2007-08-22 23:37:30

Swimsuit. Pretty easy Ryan.

Comment by Rachel
2007-08-22 23:48:11

Swimming Suit

Comment by Joekogin
2007-08-23 00:23:23

Swim Suit!

Go suit go!

Comment by Barbara
2007-08-23 06:59:11

Swim suit, of course!

Have you ever thought of drawing swimming trunks?

Comment by ryan
2007-08-23 23:48:08

Hey barbara,

yes i have!! in fact that was what got me to think of swim suit! i was orgianally going to draw swimmng trunks, but then i realzies Swim suit was more universal!! :)

Comment by Sara
2007-08-23 07:35:33

I see a Swimming Suit, butttttt…. it could be a Wet-Suit too.


Comment by Krohnoshu
2007-08-23 08:06:03

Wet Suit!

Comment by Alfador
2007-08-23 10:46:46

Either swimsuit or diving suit. :3

Comment by Rei
2007-08-23 10:51:51


Comment by James
2007-08-23 12:45:42

Well that just has to be the best swim suit out there

Comment by ryan
2007-08-23 23:48:28

hey thanks!! :)


Comment by Razz
2007-08-23 13:13:58

It’s gotta be Swim Suit

Bravo! Another great one. Keep up the good work Ryan

Comment by LancevanDance
2007-08-23 15:05:04

swimsuit, gg no re.

Comment by Phizlo
2007-08-23 16:06:47

A swim suit! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that in the first place!

Comment by ryan
2007-08-23 23:50:42

haha.. well i’m glad you got it in the end! :)



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