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Comment by Benjamin Wilson
2007-08-24 02:28:15

Great strip ryan!You never cease to amaze me!

keep up the good work!

Comment by ryan
2007-08-25 22:20:17

Hey Ben,

thanks! I’ll keep trying! :)


Comment by Nathan S
2007-08-24 03:44:54

This is probably one of the best puns you’ve drawn a comic for lately. Bravo sir!

Comment by ryan
2007-08-25 22:22:28

Hey Nat,

Cool, thanks! I was really happy when i came up with this one! these are always kinda tricky!

thanks again!


Comment by Christine
2007-08-24 08:50:37

hahahaha!! Very clever Ryan! Tenderness is just too darn cute. I so need to get me a Tenderness shirt. :-D The eyes in the jail are a little spooky, tho… *hides under desk* lol!

Comment by Benjamin Wilson
2007-08-24 19:39:21

why does one of them have 3 eyes. It lookes like its a 3 eyed alien. hah.

Comment by ryan
2007-08-25 22:23:45

Yup, everyone needs a Tenderness shirt!! i’ve still got them.. and i’m getting my re-order this week!

glad ya like this comic!!

I think it’s a good idea to hide under the desk.. those are some scarry eyes!! best not to let them see you! :)


Comment by Starguy
2007-08-24 10:04:01

Good strip Ryan. Bixby and the blue guy in the corner are great.

Comment by ryan
2007-08-25 22:24:33


Yeah, i like to show both sides of the pun.. and didnt’ have my space. so i drew all my small characters! :)



Comment by Ela
2007-08-24 10:58:51

Nice pose, Tenderness!

Comment by ryan
2007-08-25 22:26:33

haha.. thanks!!


Comment by Nezume
2007-08-24 11:04:59

Ha ha! good mustashe!

Comment by ryan
2007-08-25 22:27:18

Thanks!! I think all cowboys need long handlebar mustashes! :)


Comment by Hermione Carsson
2007-08-24 13:01:14

Scandalous Tenderness!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA…..I couldn’t stop laughing at this one!! Like Kimbly…hehe…thanks so much…you just added ten minutes to my life.

Toodles, Hermione

Comment by ryan
2007-08-25 22:29:51

Hey Herm,

AWesome!! glad ya got a laugh outta it.. It even made me laugh when i was drawing it!! it’s so funny that it seems so scandalous, but he’s always naked!! : ) i agree it’s really funnny!!


Comment by Phizlo
2007-08-24 16:33:08

I love how Binx is fighting! :)

Comment by ryan
2007-08-25 22:30:13

haha.. thanks!! i like to show both sides of the pun!! : )


Comment by Lynnskay
2007-08-24 19:31:49

Speaking of “the blue guy in the corner” (Starguy’s comment), who is he? I’ve seen him before, but he’s not on your cast page. Does he have a name? Great site BTW.

Comment by Hobbes
2007-08-25 00:27:50

His name is Fluzzy. He is Krusher’s pet.

Comment by ryan
2007-08-25 22:31:59

Yeah, his name is Fluzzy,, i do have to add him to the cast page.. he’s Krusher pet.. like how Binx is kimbly’s pet! :)



Comment by Person
2007-08-25 08:20:56

binx is so cute!(as always)

Comment by ryan
2007-08-25 22:32:20

haha.. thanks! he’s always fun to draw.. so small and cute!! :)


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2007-10-30 03:37:04



Comment by Anna
2008-07-29 17:12:51

Tenderness – my personal top model!

Comment by Katie
2009-05-23 23:11:43

I love this comic so much!

Before I saw Binx in the corner, I thought it was going to be a pun on “draw” what with the western scene. Maybe “quick draw”! Yours is better though. (Obviously!).

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