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If this comic doesn’t make sense, I suggest saying it out loud.
Mountaineers, mountain, hiking, backpack, climbing, rock

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Comment by Courtney
2007-09-20 23:55:38

it makes sense. its cute. i like the “earring” hiker

Comment by ryan
2007-09-21 21:40:23

haha good,, I’m glad it makes sense.. :)



Comment by YoKo
2007-09-21 00:09:30

If you’re lucky, you can see a heard of mountain goats!

Comment by Ela
2007-09-21 00:31:39


Comment by ryan
2007-09-21 21:40:44

Oh good one!!


thanks for the joke!! ^_^


Comment by Ashe
2007-09-22 08:34:08

haha!Nice one!

Comment by Benjamin Wilson
2007-09-21 02:29:29

That was an odd one. hmmmm

Comment by ryan
2007-09-21 21:42:42

I try to make the friday ones a little stranger!


Comment by Christine
2007-09-21 08:10:40

Heh. Too funny! I like the “earring” hiker too. Tenderness is so darn cute in his orange hiking gear. :-D Binx looks a little perplexed though. Maybe those weren’t the “eers” he was expecting??

Comment by ryan
2007-09-21 21:42:18

haha. yeah Tendnerss does look pretty cute in that orange outfit.. : )

yup, binx is confused buy the wrong ear.. : )



Comment by Person
2007-09-21 09:59:48

ooh this reminds me of the Gelatinous Giant in the book “The Phantom Tollbooth”
heh heh heh

Comment by ryan
2007-09-21 21:46:16

WOw.. that’s one of my fav books.. i just read it in the spring!! i didn’t even think of that.. but you are right!!



Comment by Starguy
2007-09-21 12:30:14

Good one. Tendernes is cute to the max as usual. It must be a long time since I read the phantom tollbooth because I don’t remember that character.

Comment by ryan
2007-09-21 21:54:13

I read the PT in the spring, but i want thinking about it when i drew this.. : )

I agree Tenderness did come out super cute in this!! : )



Comment by Daniel
2007-09-21 12:58:03


Comment by ryan
2007-09-21 21:49:16



Comment by Phizlo
2007-09-21 15:59:09

Nice, I didn’t get it at first, but then I was like “OHHHHH!!!” :)

Comment by ryan
2007-09-21 21:49:40

yeah, this one is kinda tricky.. as i said it kinda needs to be said outloud!

glad ya got it.


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Comment by kimblyicious
2008-01-27 13:18:50

Is the hanging hiker krusher?
it looks like him…
and does anyone know a how to buy Giant African Millipedes? i live in the usa.

Comment by jokerman 5000
2008-12-15 18:52:35


Comment by mystery guy
2009-02-28 10:25:57

what kind of comment is that jokerman 5000?

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