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Polka dot, Polka, Tuba, dance music, T-shirt, lederhosen, German, accordion, dot

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Comment by Liana
2007-10-01 02:28:57

What an original idea! I really like this one :)

Comment by ryan
2007-10-02 10:22:35

HEy thanks! I was pretty happy when i came up with this one also! :)


Comment by Kippers
2007-10-01 03:07:12

Aww! This one is really cute Ryan!

Comment by ryan
2007-10-02 10:22:55

Hey Kippers!

Thanks! I try to keep all super cute!


Comment by Benjamin Wilson
2007-10-01 03:31:00

Yeh, cute, but I don’t get it?

Comment by ryan
2007-10-02 10:24:52

Humm.. well goggle it! :)


Comment by Hermione Carsson
2007-10-01 08:54:55

HAHA!! Krusher in that outfit is to hilarious!! Thank so much! My stomach hurts from laughing…it’s awesome!

Toodles, Hermione

Comment by ryan
2007-10-02 10:28:05

good i’m glad his lederhosen is funny to you also! lederhosen is some great clothing!

Thanks for telling me how much you laughed! it’s made me laugh.. :)


Comment by Ela
2007-10-01 09:24:54

Hehehe… polka dot.

Comment by ryan
2007-10-02 10:27:06



Comment by Nezume
2007-10-01 10:39:12

Krusher looks so funny!

Comment by ryan
2007-10-02 10:25:37

Hah, yeah, he’s got lederhosen on, they always look funny! :)


Comment by Phizlo
2007-10-01 16:24:50

Polka seems like a really good music thing. Maybe I should try to listen to it . . :)

Comment by ryan
2007-10-02 10:31:43

Oh y eah, Polka is fun,, but not ALL the time,, i only listen to it a little bit,, and to be honest its best live!!! We have a german bar near me that has a polka night!!

good luck!


Comment by Christine
2007-10-01 20:12:05

Yesh! Too fun. I love Tenderness in his liederhosen (not sure of the spelling there, lol) That can definitely be qualified as a “polka dot shirt” Kimbly’s got on. :-D

Comment by ryan
2007-10-02 10:32:27

haha yes, i have to google lederhosen to get the correct spelling! :)

glad ya liked the comic!!



Comment by Melissa
2007-10-16 17:42:38

Hey, I love “A Polka Dot Shirt.” That is so HILARIOUS! Tenderness looks SO cute! :-)

Comment by Anna
2008-07-31 09:11:36

Polka Tenderness is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen!! :D I can’t stop laughing!

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