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Comment by Benjamin Wilson
2007-10-04 23:44:25

I got that one, Great work ryan! Your an inspiration!

Comment by ryan
2007-10-06 18:45:49

Thanks!! ^^


Comment by B
2007-10-04 23:56:24

Haha, I guess that one really held her attention, eh?

Comment by ryan
2007-10-06 18:46:04

BWHAHAH!!! good one!! XD


Comment by Benjamin Wilson
2007-10-06 21:59:18

You should have used that one, ryan!

Comment by Person
2007-10-05 07:50:50

hahha tenderness looks so funny

Comment by ryan
2007-10-06 18:49:17

yeah, i like the old lady glasses on him! :)


Comment by Starguy
2007-10-05 09:53:24

Great pun and I love Tenderness’ whole professorial look.

Comment by ryan
2007-10-06 18:49:35

Thanks!!! i’m happy with this one also!


Comment by Nezume
2007-10-05 10:45:21

His that book going to eat Kimbly!

When is the new person going to be added to it?

Comment by ryan
2007-10-06 18:51:12

THe new girl will be added whnever i can figure out how to fit her in! : 0

But i’m using her for a BIG secrect project! :)


Comment by Hermione Carsson
2007-10-05 10:46:45

I totally know the feeling of a gripping book!!

I love Tenderness’ bowtie!!

Toodles, Hermione

Comment by ryan
2007-10-06 18:51:51

Yes, i’ve had many gripping books!! thats why i drew this! :)

I like his bowtie and old lady glasses also!


Comment by ChristineA
2007-10-05 11:41:29

Yikes! That book definitely has a hold of Kimbly! I know that feeling as well. Some books grab you and you just can’t put them down.
Tenderness as Librarian.. awwwwww!! He’s just too darn cute! If I had any sewing skills I’d make a plushy of him!

Comment by ryan
2007-10-06 18:52:47

I wish i could make Tenderness plushis also! :) someday!!

Yes, i’ve had a few good gripping books recently!! had to do any thing elce but read them!


Comment by Tenderness
2007-10-05 16:42:14

tenderness is cuuute! great comic!

Comment by ryan
2007-10-06 18:54:37

haha, thanks! I like dressing Tednerness up!!


Comment by Phizlo
2007-10-05 18:31:50

Books gripping people. It should be the other way around, since that’d be creepy.

Comment by ryan
2007-10-06 18:55:17

Yes, but haven’t you read a gripping book.. normally harry potter is this way.. i dont do anything but read it!!


Comment by Ela
2007-10-06 16:11:44

Are they all floating? I got the impression when I saw Krusher, who looked extremely surprised and confused..

Comment by ryan
2007-10-06 18:57:05

I dont really know WHY they are floating.. it just seemed like a fun way to draw people reading.. in zero G!! :)

Yeah, i’m not sure what Krusher is thinking.. maybe he’s suprised by the book?


Comment by Yoshi
2008-03-21 13:23:06

That book kind of looks like it’s about to @$%* the #%&$ out of her. Heh.

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