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Everyone got it right!! thanks for playing ” guess the pun” the answer is now up!
Comb, hair comb, bee, bees, honey, honeycomb, brush, hair, bee keeping, comb

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Comment by B
2007-10-10 00:12:53

Honeycombs! Ahhh! Heh, nevermind poor Kimbly, poor Tenderness! Kimbly at last resort could cut her hair, I don’t think Tenderness has anything *but* hair, heh.

Comment by HUKI365
2007-10-10 00:37:50

Honey Comb! :-D

Enough about shirts - I want a Tenderness Plushie!

Comment by Edem
2007-10-10 00:57:41

Honeycomb! :)

Comment by YoKo
2007-10-10 01:07:42

How will Kimbly and friends get out of this sticky situation? It must be a honey comb!

Comment by Hobbes
2007-10-10 01:19:43


Comment by Roy
2007-10-10 01:44:14


I feel sorry for Tenderness… stickyness + tangles = OUCH. :(

Comment by Zacha
2007-10-10 01:46:12

bee comb =)
I just looove tenderness expression =P

Comment by Marco
2007-10-10 02:06:39

Honey comb~!

Comment by Katie
2007-10-10 02:18:31

Oh, boy.
Honeycombs don’t go in your hair!

Comment by Mister OCD
2007-10-10 02:37:31

Honeycomb !!! :D

Comment by David Herschell
2007-10-10 03:17:58

Honeycomb :p

Poor Tenderness

Comment by aska
2007-10-10 03:36:16

honeycomb :D

i love your comics!

Comment by Garrett
2007-10-10 04:19:10

Tenderness, looking somewhat like Crazy Craving from the commercials, unwittingly exclaimed, “ME WANT HONEYCOMB!”, and to his dismay, they… got honeycomb!

Comment by Shukes
2007-10-10 06:09:48


Comment by Sqee
2007-10-10 06:14:20

honey combs! XD

Comment by Nick
2007-10-10 07:01:00

The honeycombs were never as good as the real thing.

Comment by Reality Filtered
2007-10-10 07:06:41

honey comb?

Comment by Bainick
2007-10-10 07:18:18

awwww Honeycomb

Comment by Ali
2007-10-10 07:18:24


Comment by Dragona
2007-10-10 07:49:59

Wax comb or Honey comb.

Probably honey comb.

Comment by Rose
2007-10-10 08:12:58

Honey Comb

Comment by Anna
2007-10-10 08:18:59

honey comb?

Poor tenderness, he can’t get it out of his curly hair.

Comment by Czarinakatie
2007-10-10 08:27:41

Honey Comb! Love it!

Comment by Gemini Twin
2007-10-10 08:34:51

Ah Hah. The dangers of using a fresh “Honey Comb”……..

Comment by Cleo
2007-10-10 08:40:22

Honey comb!!! This is great!

Comment by Josh
2007-10-10 08:48:15

honey comb. Haha bee - utiful

Comment by Shiny
2007-10-10 09:07:41

Honey Comb!

Comment by Taurin
2007-10-10 09:42:03

Kimbly was rethinking her recent Honey Comb purchase.

Comment by Someone
2007-10-10 09:54:03

I guess Honeycomb!

This one is a great one!!!

Comment by Hermione Carsson
2007-10-10 10:27:38

Honey comb

Poor Tenderness….he’s crying….big hug for him and some chocolate to make everything better!! Heehee


Comment by Steve
2007-10-10 10:28:46

Honeycomb’s big,
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It’s not small,
No, no, no.
Honeycomb’s got
A big, big taste.


Comment by DarkGarage
2007-10-10 10:32:15

So, I’m assuming that the Honey-Combs were a bad idea??

Great strip, as always.

Comment by Brenda
2007-10-10 10:35:38


My first time commenting here although I love all your comics. I hope I got this right. XDD

Comment by LuisM
2007-10-10 10:40:30



Comment by Andraa
2007-10-10 10:50:28

Honey combs :D:D

Comment by Starguy
2007-10-10 11:21:15

Honey comb.

Comment by tracy
2007-10-10 11:32:13


aw, poor tenderness!

Comment by unixrevolution
2007-10-10 11:34:39

Hmm, a rather sticky situation. I would guess the pun is “Honey Comb”. Pretty sweet comic, Ryan :)

Comment by cindy
2007-10-10 11:59:45


Comment by Marea
2007-10-10 12:00:37

good one!

Comment by Marea
2007-10-10 12:01:15

good one! :)

Comment by Danielle
2007-10-10 12:33:57

Honey Comb! It took some puzzling out this time!

Comment by Morganna
2007-10-10 12:42:14

even with great tenderness the honey combs got kimbly in a sticky situation

Comment by Janus
2007-10-10 13:36:56

It’s honeycomb, isn’t it? Tenderness looks like he’s in a lot of pain.

Comment by belldandelion
2007-10-10 14:00:50


That looks painful and incredibly sticky…poor Tenderness and all that fluff. :(

Comment by Person
2007-10-10 15:02:55

Honey comb!!
the bees look like little peanuts with wings….:smile:

Comment by Onion Volcano
2007-10-10 15:20:59


Comment by Sokin
2007-10-10 16:08:46

Hunny combs! Poor Tenderness, he’ll never get it all out of his fluff.

Comment by Shades
2007-10-10 16:09:08

Honey Comb! Oh noes! XD

Comment by Liz
2007-10-10 16:19:21

Honey comb. Excellent, as always. I love all their expressions!

Comment by TinHat
2007-10-10 16:22:35

That looks like a STICKY SITUATION. Gwahahah. I don’t really know. XD Honeycomb? (I actually thought of that while typing this)

Comment by Phizlo
2007-10-10 16:50:15

Honeycombs! :)

Comment by Bryce
2007-10-10 16:51:26

This was easy,
but I thought it was really funny.

Comment by Susan
2007-10-10 17:21:39


Comment by Tenderness
2007-10-10 17:28:34

Honeycomb! …now better tasing! yummmm

Comment by PrincessUnique
2007-10-10 18:03:07

Honey comb XD

Comment by ChristineA
2007-10-10 19:15:40

Honey combs!
Oh my… the bees are so cute!! I don’t think I’d want to try combing my hair with a honey comb.. too sticky. Oh poor Tenderness, he looks very ouchie!

Comment by Lindy
2007-10-10 19:43:34

honey comb! too cute!

Comment by Kippers
2007-10-10 19:43:58

Honey comb!

Comment by Ela
2007-10-10 20:48:42

Honey comb.
I like the bees.
There’s this great pun here (I’m not saying this is bad).

Comment by Madeline
2007-10-10 22:10:26

Honey comb!! Funny :)

Comment by Bloodmomma
2007-10-10 23:21:50

Honey Combs!

Lol… too easy!

Comment by Fox Hunter
2007-10-10 23:29:59

He He… Honeycomb!

Comment by Inho
2007-10-10 23:59:53


Comment by Lauren
2007-10-11 00:32:24

Honey combs!! Poor Tenderness:(

Comment by Kriss
2007-10-11 02:05:36

Honey Combs!!!

Comment by Liana
2007-10-11 02:36:23


Comment by Benjamin Wilson
2007-10-11 04:51:33


Comment by Hans Peter
2007-10-11 09:29:07


Poor Tenderness, can’t be fun to be him right now.

Comment by Pinekones
2007-10-11 12:21:50

Honey Comb…that one actually took alot of thought…GREAT JOB!!

Comment by Courtney
2007-10-11 14:08:35

honey comb? thats so cute. though it looks pretty painful for tenderness

Comment by Insigmia
2007-10-11 15:08:28

the inside of a bee’s nest where the honey is, are called honey “combs.” so the pun is honey covered combs

Comment by Okusaphyr
2007-10-11 16:18:11

Honeycombs, lol.

Comment by Christine
2007-10-11 17:29:01


Comment by Amanda
2007-10-11 17:42:40


Comment by Joshua Schumaker
2007-10-11 18:29:27

it’s a Honey Comb !!1…heehee…nice pun it took me a minute or two to figure it out

Comment by Joshua Schumaker
2007-10-11 18:30:27

it’s a Honey Comb. nice pun, it took me a minute to figure it out.

Comment by JennaBear
2007-10-11 18:31:07


Comment by Pell
2007-10-11 19:08:03


Comment by Liz
2007-10-11 19:26:01

Honey Comb!

Comment by AidynCapable
2007-10-11 21:27:40


Comment by Allie
2007-10-26 19:34:22

Oh, I get it! :D Aw. Looks like tenderness is tenderheaded.

Comment by kimblyicious
2008-01-27 13:35:14

Thats y i where braids, stuff just wipes off, maybe w\a little water…I love honey, one of the most dangerous substanses in the world…:(

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