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Comment by YoKo
2007-11-05 05:06:16


Comment by Hobbes
2007-11-05 06:54:07

HAHA! that’s a good one!

Comment by ryan
2007-11-07 00:27:20

woodstock? are you suggesting that? that is a good idea..


Comment by Starguy
2007-11-05 09:46:43

This one gave me a chuckle. Good stuff Ryan.

Comment by ryan
2007-11-07 00:22:53

Great this is what i like to hear! :)



Comment by ChristineA
2007-11-05 15:21:55

Hehehehe…. sometimes that’s what those meetings are really like. lol!! Definitely a classic Ryan. :-D

Comment by ryan
2007-11-07 00:26:41

Good to know i was correct! : ) I havn’t been in a meeting like this in a looongggg time!

Glad ya enjoyed it.. i enjoyed drawing it!


Comment by Phizlo
2007-11-05 17:16:23

Reminds of Plank in those Ed edd eddy cartoons. :) Only times 10.

Comment by ryan
2007-11-07 00:23:18

hahah i had forgottne about him! but your right! :0



Comment by Tenderness
2007-11-05 17:45:02

funny. this one gave me a good hearty laugh. :lol: good work

Comment by ryan
2007-11-07 00:25:49

I’m glad i can get a laugh outta ya! : )

thanks for the compliments!


Comment by Benjamin Wilson
2007-11-06 01:32:32

Ha! Thats great!

But I think they’re a little Thick headed. eh, eh?

Comment by Tenderness
2007-11-06 17:41:59

i think, but the bobards must be thicker to be Thick Headed.

Comment by ryan
2007-11-07 00:19:33

HAhah good one! :)


Comment by Katie
2007-11-06 23:22:02

Ha, they should be yawning… Bored meeting. =)

Comment by ryan
2007-11-07 00:20:05

Oh good idea!! I should of done that,, then it would of been a double pun!!

thanks for the idea!


Comment by Katie
2007-11-07 16:30:12

No problem! =)

Comment by Garrett
2007-11-06 23:31:39

I was going to say they looked kinda bored, but Katie beat me to it

Comment by ryan
2007-11-07 00:21:28

haha yeah,, only one comment to slow! :)

thanks for the idea anyways!


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