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Thanks for playing, almost everyone got this one : )

Here is a link to my Boot camp pun! : )

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Comment by Lauren
2007-11-14 00:49:00

Drill Sergeant! Yay!^.^

Comment by Rachel
2007-11-14 01:07:37

Drill Sergeant

Comment by Danielle
2007-11-14 01:50:45

Drill Sargent.


Comment by HUKI365
2007-11-14 02:00:11

Drill Sergeant!

Comment by Benjamin Wilson
2007-11-14 02:00:42


Comment by Fox Hunter
2007-11-14 02:04:13

Drill Sargent! lmao

Comment by Garrett
2007-11-14 03:02:29

I don’t want him as my drill sergeant.

Comment by Edem
2007-11-14 03:15:15

Drill… or Drill sergeant…

Comment by Eclipsed Moon
2007-11-14 03:21:00

Drill sergeant.

Comment by KWarp
2007-11-14 03:29:00

yay drill sergeant

Comment by Rapunzel
2007-11-14 03:29:57

Drill sergeant

Comment by Czarny
2007-11-14 03:51:40

Drill? Drill sarge?

Comment by Hobbes
2007-11-14 06:21:04

im stumped..


Comment by RoyM
2007-11-14 06:28:13

Drill sergeant :)

Comment by nick
2007-11-14 07:56:45

power drill?

Comment by ChopstickNinja
2007-11-14 09:05:13

Drill Instructor

Comment by Dragona
2007-11-14 09:24:38

Drill Sergeant!

Comment by Cleo
2007-11-14 09:32:43

Drill Sergeant! Excellent!

Comment by Carrie
2007-11-14 09:34:30

Drill Sargeant!! :)

Comment by Taurin
2007-11-14 09:51:02

“Boy I’m gonna work that tenderness right out of you,” bellowed the DRILL SERGEANT.

Comment by josh
2007-11-14 09:52:03

Drill Sargent

Comment by Steve
2007-11-14 10:25:25

The drill instructor made Tenderness a little tired.

Comment by Sarah
2007-11-14 10:26:46

Drill Sergeant! : D

Comment by Roy
2007-11-14 10:37:40

Drill Sargent.

(Hmmm, now for a Boot Camp pun…)

Comment by Zacha
2007-11-14 10:38:59

drill sergeant.

Comment by marea
2007-11-14 11:05:46

Drill Sargent!
poor tenderness!

Comment by goldy
2007-11-14 11:20:01


Comment by Starguy
2007-11-14 11:56:37

Drill sargeant. Took me a second or two to realize it was a drill.

Comment by Courtney
2007-11-14 11:58:01

drill sargeant?

Comment by Nezume
2007-11-14 12:05:30

Drill officer!!!!!

Comment by Vassa
2007-11-14 12:10:36

Drill Sargent!
Workout drill!
… Something drill!

Comment by Person
2007-11-14 12:34:49

this ones tricky!

Comment by Pinekones
2007-11-14 13:30:28

Training Drill

Comment by unixrevolution
2007-11-14 13:38:43

Drill Sergeant. Or more correctly, Drill Instructor.

Comment by Okusaphyr
2007-11-14 14:16:57

Drill Sargeant?

Comment by 00lizard
2007-11-14 15:00:41

Is it… Drill camp? :)

Comment by Onion Volcano
2007-11-14 15:05:51

Drill Sargeant!

Comment by Liz
2007-11-14 16:13:13

Drill Sergent?

Comment by GuyD
2007-11-14 16:36:12

Ahm, drill inspector?

I always hated that! I am from Switzerland and serving in the army is obligatory there for all male citoyens.

Comment by Tenderness
2007-11-14 17:44:49

Drill Seargeant! happy veterans day! it turns out my great- grandfather was a COMMANDER in WWII!!!!!!!!

Comment by Andraa
2007-11-14 18:02:51

Drill Sargent

Comment by Dan
2007-11-14 18:14:20

Drill Sargeant

Comment by Blake E
2007-11-14 19:23:25

power drill!!!!! nice one ryan!!

Comment by Jasmine
2007-11-14 20:22:20

Ha, drill sergeant! And of course he’s picking on poor Tenderness.
I really like this one; it’s cute.

Comment by Ela
2007-11-14 20:42:35

Drill sergeant! (Did I spell that right?) Took me awhile…

Comment by Brenda
2007-11-14 21:40:47

he was acting like a DRILL SEARGENT

Comment by Jessie
2007-11-14 22:13:57

Drill Sargent? (however that’s spelled ^^;)

Comment by Rhokk
2007-11-14 22:25:07

Drill Sergeant?

Comment by Cybrina
2007-11-14 23:04:11

drill sergeant? thats so cute. look at tenderness!! love this comic. you need to make silent kimbly wallpapers so i can put them on my desktop!

Comment by scott simon
2007-11-26 19:16:51


Comment by David Herschell
2007-11-15 03:35:23

Drill Sergeant?

Comment by Pk
2007-11-15 05:43:33

Drill Instructor.

Comment by Czarinakatie
2007-11-15 09:30:27

Drill master! very cute hat and little camo pants!

Comment by ChristineA
2007-11-15 09:55:16

Drill Sargent???

Heeee! Tenderness is sooo cute! He’s trying his hardest isn’t he?? Go Kimbly!! Krusher’s catching up to you!

Comment by Bloodmomma
2007-11-15 11:33:54

DRILL Sergent!

Comment by Daniel
2007-11-15 12:59:13

Drill Sergeant! Tenderness looks like he’s about to fall.

Comment by Jompie
2007-11-15 14:39:08

It’s a Drill instructor!!!!

Oh and Tenderness looks TIREd…, though that probably wasn’t the intended pun ^_^

Comment by Reality Filtered
2007-11-15 18:55:38

drill sergeant?

Comment by Suzy
2007-11-15 22:04:32

drill sergeant

Comment by Dom Byron
2007-11-15 22:26:53

Drill sergeant

Comment by Chelsea
2007-11-18 14:54:03

I thought it was Army Drill

Comment by scott simon
2007-11-26 19:14:57

The drill guy is cool.

Comment by adriana
2008-03-21 21:30:16

i found these comics out when they were on funbrain! i’ve always had a liking for them

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