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Comment by Benjamin Wilson
2007-11-26 03:27:19


Awesome strip, ryan. Though I find fashion shows boring when family dag me there.

Comment by ryan
2007-11-27 14:53:49

I’ve never been to a fahsion show.. why does your family go?


Comment by ChristineA
2007-11-26 09:34:43

If I took hubby to that kind of fashion show, we’d never leave and when we did, he’d probably have bought all of them! Too cute!

Comment by ryan
2007-11-27 14:55:34

Hahah.. great idea!! I agree my brother would never leave eaither! :)


Comment by Starguy
2007-11-26 09:38:37

Very punny.

Comment by ryan
2007-11-27 14:55:00

thanks! i try! :)

Comment by Tenderness
2007-11-26 18:15:45

funny..the next comic u shuld do is “Scrapbook” y’know have a opened book filled with scraps of paper.

Comment by scott simon
2007-11-26 19:12:20

I think the next comic should be “nun key”. It sounds like monkey.

Comment by scott simon
2007-11-26 19:07:55

This weeks was so funny!

I like the one in the front.

Tenderness is cute in this one.

What’s with the radish guy in the back on the left?

Comment by ryan
2007-11-27 15:01:20

haah.. thanks!

I dont know who or what those extra guys are.. i try to draw then quick and just make fun shapes!


Comment by Ela
2007-11-26 22:34:46

I like it. It took me awhile to figure it out, but it’s good. Good to have you back, too.

Comment by ryan
2007-11-27 15:00:34

yeah, this one seems to be a little confusing.. oh well..

glad to be back


Comment by Hobbes
2007-11-27 00:52:40

your iconic pear computer didn’t get to model? :p

Comment by ryan
2007-11-27 14:56:27

hhaah.. i forgot about that.. but you can pretend the back of the laptop has one on it! :)


Comment by I.
2007-11-27 12:51:11

Love the audience & photographers. :)

Comment by ryan
2007-11-27 14:55:59

HEy thanks! it was fun to draw all those weird characters!


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Comment by Allison
2008-10-09 12:10:55

Soooooo cute!!!!

Comment by Doughboy pools
2010-10-06 09:18:40


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