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Ok, so this isn’t a pun, it’s more of funny sounding play on words.
December, joke, pun, snow, decemberrrr

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Comment by Edem
2007-12-07 02:20:24

“ember” in hungarian means “man” (as in human, not as in a gender). And yeah, it’s “December” in hungarian too.

Comment by ryan
2007-12-09 12:51:34

Well i’m glad my comic makes sense i hungry! :)

thanks for the info!


Comment by Benjamin Wilson
2007-12-07 02:32:13

Yeah, i diddn’t realise it wasn’t a pun at first but it it totally awesome! I love this kind of stuff and apart from the snow, australia is pretty cold and rainy lately. (Were in freaking summer!)

Great strip!

Comment by Patrick
2007-12-07 18:33:51

Well in the southern hemisphere it’s winter when it’s summer in the northern hemisphere and vice versa

Comment by ryan
2007-12-09 12:52:28

Hey Ben

glad ya enjoyed the comic!

we’re REALLy cold here in NYC!


Comment by Benjaminwilson
2007-12-09 22:14:50

Well, we have thunder storms with big hail in summer here.

Comment by Benjamin Wilson
2007-12-07 02:35:11

Yeah, i didn’t at first notice the no-pun but i like this kind of thing. Australia is cold and rainy right now also in summer.

Great strip!

Comment by Benjamin Wilson
2007-12-07 02:36:15

and The comments thing on here isn’t working. Did you turn the comments back on ryan?

Comment by ryan
2007-12-09 12:52:56

Haha.. yeah, i apprently forgot to turn it back on.. but it’s working now! :)


Comment by Ben
2007-12-07 07:08:40

That’s such a well drawn and good Kimbly comic… I don’t think they always need to be puns… Just look cool and this one is really good :)

Comment by scott simon
2007-12-07 08:49:31

Cute. I like Binx’s hat. Why isn’t Tenderness cold?

Comment by Starguy
2007-12-07 10:27:39

He’s not cold because he’s covered head to toe in warm cuddly fur.

Comment by ryan
2007-12-09 12:53:39

Tenderness is all FLUFF,, i dont think some snow would bother him! :)

That hat binx is wearing will be for sale soon!


Comment by scott simon
2007-12-07 08:51:31

Know what? That calender reminds me. How ’bout Silent Kimbly calenders.

Comment by ryan
2007-12-09 12:54:31

To be honest i looked into having calanders made, and it was REALLy expensive!@_@ I’m not sure people want to pay 30 for a calander! maybe next year.


Comment by Starguy
2007-12-07 10:29:11

Great comic Ryan and I love Kimbly’s expression.

Comment by ryan
2007-12-09 12:55:10

Hey thanks!

It was fun to draw her super cold! the eyelids are how chuck jones would draw eyelids!


Comment by Cristina
2007-12-07 11:03:35

Brrr isn’t a word? Doesn’t it count as a word that says its sound? It’s onomatopoeia!

Comment by ryan
2007-12-09 12:55:58

Haha.. yes you are right it is a onomatopoeia, as i said, this one is NOT a pun! :)


Comment by ChristineA
2007-12-07 11:22:03

Brrrrr!! I know just how Kimbly feels!! Right now it’s more like mid-January than mid-December here in Pa. *wishes had a cuddley Tenderness to keep warm with!* lol. And yesh! love Binx’s hat! :-D

Comment by ryan
2007-12-09 12:57:12

Hey Christine,

We are same thing here in NYC, it’s SUPER COLD,, like january! I’m afriad of what jan will be like. I’ve allready got my BIG sweater out…

that Tenderness hat will be for sale MONDAY!!


Comment by marea
2007-12-07 13:02:54

Love the Yeti :)

Comment by ryan
2007-12-09 12:57:36

Thanks! he was fun to draw!! I keep meaning to draw more random monsters!


Comment by Tenderness
2007-12-07 17:42:55

kimbly looks so hilarious! :lol: nice comic

Comment by ryan
2007-12-09 12:58:15

THanks! It was fun to draw her SUPER cold! plus i enjoy making it look like it’s really snowing outside!


Comment by Phizlo
2007-12-07 19:06:43

Nice abominable snowman :) Only he’s not abominable in this comic ..

Comment by ryan
2007-12-09 12:58:59

hahah,, yeah, i was thinking of him more as a yetti.. maybe not as deadly.. or like a nice version of the snow monster in Empire stricks back! :)


Comment by Tomas Soejakto
2007-12-08 01:17:11

Ryan, how do you color your Silent Kimblys? Mind giving us a crash course here?

Comment by ryan
2007-12-09 13:00:10

I keep meaing to post something about this..

I do a color pencil water color drawing, then i scan that in, and fix it up, add more darks and highlights, then effects.. that sounds simple,, but it takes about 3-4 hours..

does that help?


Comment by kaffy
2007-12-08 02:11:34

haha, i see that Tenderness Hat product placement!

Comment by ryan
2007-12-09 13:00:30

yup!! it’s going to go on sale tonight!!


Comment by Ela
2007-12-08 19:29:44

I like Binx’s hat!

Comment by ryan
2007-12-09 13:00:52

Sweet.. i’m having them made as we speak!! so they should be on sale SOON!!


Comment by Lilium
2007-12-08 20:52:00

binx’s hat is too cuteeeeeeeeeeee >.

Comment by ryan
2007-12-09 13:01:17

This what i like to hear.. i’ve having some made.. will be on sale SOON!!


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