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Thanks to everyone for playing!

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Comment by Fold My Laundry Please
2008-01-16 01:04:52


Comment by Maz
2008-01-16 01:09:49


Comment by Eclipsed Moon
2008-01-16 01:23:01


Comment by Inho
2008-01-16 01:35:16

Is it woodskate?

Comment by Hobbes
2008-01-16 01:46:27


Comment by Joekogin
2008-01-16 02:07:45


That is hilarious, but if he falls, he has no arms to catch him! Owie!

Comment by Edem
2008-01-16 02:28:49

Skateboard? :P

Comment by Edem
2008-01-16 02:29:56

(Btw it was easy, and easy to check, because you always put the original meaning of the word on the pic too…)

Comment by Czarny
2008-01-16 03:34:07


Comment by Jessie
2008-01-16 06:47:40

skateboarding! that’s cute ^^

Comment by Josh
2008-01-16 07:26:37

Skateboard! Very clever. :)

Comment by Hari
2008-01-16 07:50:29

It’s a skateboard!!!

Comment by SilvorMoon
2008-01-16 08:25:08

Man, I looked at this without seeing the bottom and thought, “Man, I hope this isn’t a guess-the-pun, because I’ll never guess!

But it’s a skateboard, right? I had to stare at it a while to realize!

Comment by scott simon
2008-01-16 08:41:14


Comment by scott simon
2008-01-16 08:42:06

I’m sorry. Skateboard.

Comment by Jenn
2008-01-16 09:43:00

I really hope the pun is “Skateboard”. I used to skateboard TONS before all my ankle injuries.

I love Tenderness. He looks like an omage to “Flames of Glory”. ^_^

Comment by Josh
2008-01-16 09:53:02


Comment by pinekones
2008-01-16 09:53:30

Skate Board!

Comment by Thinker
2008-01-16 09:59:15


Comment by Dragona
2008-01-16 10:08:20

HA! Skateboard!

Tenderness’ outfit is priceless. XD

Comment by Fzysqrl
2008-01-16 10:20:00

skate board

Comment by Thiron
2008-01-16 10:21:39

Skateboard – Skate board – Skate bored

Comment by Cleo
2008-01-16 10:26:27

Skateboard! So cute! Nice to see Kimbly’s “dog” again…you’ll have to give him/her a name. (lol)

Comment by Roy
2008-01-16 11:04:20


Comment by kent
2008-01-16 11:07:08


Comment by Vaarj
2008-01-16 11:28:10

Has to be a skateboard of course :)

Comment by Kakhtus
2008-01-16 11:54:22

Skateboard ?

Comment by Alex
2008-01-16 12:10:12

Skateboard!!!! first time I’ve got to participate in the guess the pun, makes me happy =D

Comment by Leah
2008-01-16 12:40:21

skate board? Is he bored? is that why he is kicking the other guy???

Comment by Cel
2008-01-16 13:01:26

Skateboard, obviously!

Comment by Person
2008-01-16 13:16:09


Comment by Person
2008-01-16 13:16:50

also, tenderness’ outfit is so cool!

Comment by Sonny
2008-01-16 14:15:24

Snow boarding! :D

Comment by Jimmy Lapine
2008-01-16 14:40:03

Well, if that is a wooden plank, it would be a skateboard. If it is a capital letter ‘I’ then it would be an ‘I’ skater.

Comment by Starguy
2008-01-16 15:44:47


Comment by Melony
2008-01-16 15:46:17

LOL i love tenderness’ outfit
Excellent job

Comment by Lauren
2008-01-16 15:52:55

Skateboard!! Took me just a second or two though:P

Comment by Tom
2008-01-16 16:15:01


Comment by Laura
2008-01-16 16:18:58


Comment by French_Tako
2008-01-16 16:22:23

Skateboard !!!! That’s funny !

Comment by josh
2008-01-16 17:58:01

omg omg omg

is it board on ice?

Comment by ShadowVein
2008-01-16 18:41:27


Comment by Blake
2008-01-16 19:21:57

Skate Board!

Comment by Gemini Twin
2008-01-16 19:36:59

Ah yes, the Skateboard. Honestly took me a moment to get this one. I love it

Comment by jendraz
2008-01-16 19:45:27


Comment by Nezume
2008-01-16 20:05:26

skate boarding!

Comment by ladyamalthea
2008-01-16 20:21:55

Aaaand it’s a new……Skateboard! Complete with little purple wierd thing! Am I right? Am I right?!

Comment by Matthis
2008-01-16 20:32:56

Is it skateboard? I just started reading the comic today from a link I found on book of biff and I love it to pieces! It’s the cutest comic I’ve ever seen and it makes me smile and giggle and be happy, something I could use a lot more of.

Comment by Suzy
2008-01-16 20:42:02


Comment by Guy
2008-01-16 20:45:41

Maybe a skateboard? Btw, Personally I prefer skis!

Comment by Guy
2008-01-18 13:25:21

Forget about the skis, I changed skateboards and snowboards! :-)

Comment by ChristineA
2008-01-16 21:11:29

Hmm… I’m having a hard time with this one Ryan! I”ll have to see if hubby can help me figure it out, but in the meantime… *squeeeee!* I love the little purple guy. He’s too cute! And Tenderness looks hysterical in his “Blades of Glory” outfit. *snicker, snort* :-D

Comment by TwoBit
2008-01-16 22:35:47


Comment by Garrett
2008-01-16 22:45:16

I never expected a skateboard to do well on ice, but a skate and a board seems a little more successful.

Comment by Reynard
2008-01-16 22:51:14

Skateboard, of course…

Comment by Taurin
2008-01-17 01:55:49

Not a lot of people SKATEBOARD in the middle of ice.

Comment by David
2008-01-17 03:43:28


Comment by Demiun
2008-01-17 03:45:01

Skate-board… took me a lot longer to figure that out then it should have…..

Comment by unixrevolution
2008-01-17 09:19:59

Is it a skateboard?

Comment by kaffy
2008-01-17 11:18:11

tee hee… skateboard! haha. I ALWAYS get it within 2 seconds, i can’t believe how much that headquarters one stumped me!

Comment by meshell
2008-01-17 14:10:10


Comment by Caoimhe
2008-01-17 20:26:05

Is it a Skate-board?

Comment by Joshua Schumaker
2008-01-17 20:59:17

umm…let’s see…could it possibly be SkateBoarding?!?!…heehee…great pun!

Comment by Patrick
2008-01-17 21:42:16

Skate Board? At first I thought board skate!

Comment by Jenny
2010-09-03 16:59:45

What about Iceboard?

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