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This was a “Guess the pun” thanks to everyone for playing! :)

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Comment by Jake
2008-02-01 01:12:59

Silent Kimbly is watching the Super Bowl.

Comment by Kent
2008-02-01 01:17:10


Comment by Ricky
2008-02-01 01:36:42

Super Bowl!

Took me a second there. The tv with the game on and the falling drink had me distracted. Darn you ADHD!

Comment by D Frank
2008-02-01 02:01:05


Comment by Eclipsed Moon
2008-02-01 02:31:27

Super Bowl.

Comment by Liana
2008-02-01 02:32:33


To the rescue of ceramic mugs everywhere!

Comment by Edem
2008-02-01 02:35:54


…was kinda spoilered in previous pictures’ comments

Comment by LazerWulf
2008-02-01 03:57:24

And there’s the Super Bowl

Go Pats!

Comment by Xeluu
2008-02-01 05:04:02

Superbowl! :D I really like the face on the glass that’s falling.

And Tenderness’ reaction is priceless too.

Comment by Melony
2008-02-01 05:15:29

Now this one is Super Bowl. I saw in coming but i guess to become the grad-mater of punnery you have to do them all. BTW tenderness’s reaction is priceless!!!

Comment by Ben
2008-02-01 05:39:31

Super Bowl!!!

It’s a good job the TV was there or I wouldn’t have got it… I was first thinking ‘Popcorn… something???’

Great one Ryan!!

Comment by Mint
2008-02-01 05:51:29


Comment by clear
2008-02-01 05:59:00

SuperBowl! Of course.
Silent Kimby RULES!!!

Comment by Gemini Twin
2008-02-01 06:45:32


Comment by jendraz
2008-02-01 07:38:07

super bowl XD I don’t know what it’s name in english

Comment by Ickabod
2008-02-01 08:12:17

Super Bowl! yay!

Comment by unixrevolution
2008-02-01 09:23:00

It’s the super bowl.

Should have been filled with ice cream. Then it’d be Super Bowl Sundae.

Comment by ChristineA
2008-02-01 10:14:52

LoL! Super Bowl!
I got it right away! Especially since we were all just talking about it. :-D
Is Kimbly cheering the game or the “super bowl”? I hope he can catch the glass in time! :-D

Comment by Thinker
2008-02-01 10:14:59

SuperBowl! *Dah dah DAH*

Comment by Roy
2008-02-01 10:17:29


Comment by Cleo
2008-02-01 10:22:21

lol! Super-bowl!

I love that he’s rescuing the mug! Great expressions.

Comment by Taurin
2008-02-01 10:29:15

Don’t worry, SUPER BOWL is here to save you! He’s also part of a nutritious balanced breakfast.

Comment by Ali
2008-02-01 10:38:31


Comment by Roy
2008-02-01 11:12:31

Super Bowl :)

Comment by B
2008-02-01 11:21:53

super bowl?

Comment by Steve
2008-02-01 11:31:02

Fergison is the Pitcher? (Hey, that glass is flyin’!)

Super-Bowl, of course! :D

Comment by Guy
2008-02-01 12:16:52

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Super Bowl!

Comment by Nezume
2008-02-01 12:22:12


Comment by Person
2008-02-01 12:44:56


Comment by Hari
2008-02-01 13:08:45

Hehe… It’s a bird! It’s a plane!! No… it’s SUPERBOWL!

Comment by ladyamalthea
2008-02-01 13:25:15

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s SUPERBOWL! How appropriate. He’s so cute! Save the mug Superbowl, save her!
I know that everybody’s probably going to use this line, but I couldn’t think of anything more original. It’s too early! (Who are you rooting for?)

Comment by jc
2008-02-01 14:02:48


Comment by Kari_Ann
2008-02-01 14:44:30

Superbowl? So Cute ^_^

I like how Krusher doesn’t even notice ;p

Comment by Rose
2008-02-01 15:00:02


Comment by Jason
2008-02-01 15:45:15

On the table!!! It’s a vase… It’s a pitcher… No, it’s Superbowl!!!

Comment by Aaarrrgh
2008-02-01 16:27:40


Comment by Phizlo
2008-02-01 16:41:45

Super Bowl of course =D

Comment by Sonny
2008-02-01 17:13:42

What’s that in the bar? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s The Superbowl!

Comment by Reynard
2008-02-01 17:31:07

Super Bowl. *WAY* too obvious…

Comment by Ela
2008-02-01 17:39:24


Came pretty easily, too.

Comment by Cami
2008-02-01 17:39:40

Is it,Super Bowl?

Comment by Soucy
2008-02-01 17:54:30


Comment by Patrick
2008-02-01 18:04:04

Easily the Super Bowl! (Major hint on the I’ll reveal on Sunday thing!)

Comment by Kane Casolari
2008-02-01 18:42:42

Super Bowl.

Comment by Jessie
2008-02-01 19:20:27

Awwwwww! That’s adorable ^^ Save me superbowl! XD

Comment by Reality Filtered
2008-02-01 20:07:55

Super Bowl

Comment by coolio
2008-02-01 20:27:45

POP FLY!!!!!!


Comment by Justinoid
2008-02-01 20:42:15

wow nice pun and i hope the giants win the “Super Bowl” which is also the name of the pun

Comment by Chris
2008-02-01 20:43:03

“Flying Saucer”

Yeah, I know what it really is… but it almost works, and I didn’t want to repeat everyone else’s comment.

Comment by SEA
2008-02-01 21:26:45

Up in the sky, IT”S SUPERBOWL !
Anyway, found this comic a while ago and i love how PUN-ny it is =p
Yay, my first comment !

Comment by Chelsea
2008-02-01 22:05:28

It’s super bowl duh.

Comment by Lynnskay
2008-02-01 22:44:09

Super Bowl

Comment by Sqee
2008-02-01 23:09:11

hah! superbowl!

Comment by Kitty
2008-02-02 00:25:48


Comment by Grand Duchess
2008-02-02 00:32:12


Comment by Inho
2008-02-02 00:42:55

It’s superbowl! It also took a while to guess.

Comment by Starguy
2008-02-02 01:29:07

Superbowl. Just mildly obvious :P ;)

Comment by French_Tako
2008-02-02 07:32:27

Super Bowl !!! That’s a good one ! He even saves the poor glass ! So kewl !

Comment by Riddle
2008-02-02 08:41:33

Is it a plane? is it a bird? NO…its super bowl!

Comment by Jenn
2008-02-13 09:46:27

the funny thing is, I’ve made a super bowl myself. it looked exactly like that XD

but it never flew D:

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