Puprle guy names

February 18th, 2008

Ok, so getting back to naming the purple guy, at the moment I like the names:
Chompy, Chompsky Munchie, Mr Munchie, Chomptopus, Perkle, Mr. chompsalot.

What do you think? anything seem better than the other?

Also, I think I’m going to have some original Kimbly art for sale on Ebay by wed! So check back!

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Comment by LazerWulf
2008-02-18 03:50:08


Comment by Jo Carter
2008-02-18 05:57:56

What about Sir Chompsalot?

Comment by KWarp
2008-02-18 09:04:01

I’d avoid Chompy since I’ve been around Mario Chain Chomps too often. Maybe you want that. :P

Comment by D Frank
2008-02-18 09:22:37

i like perkle.

Comment by deanfan
2008-02-18 10:12:30

Chomptopus. I don’t like anything with a prefix like Mr. or Sir… sounds too formal for the cute little guy. Actually, someone kept calling him Giraftopus. I like that the best. :)

Comment by darkgarge
2008-02-18 10:58:52

I am going to have to second the vote for Perkle.

– DG

Comment by ChristineA
2008-02-18 20:39:26

Hmmm.. Either Chomptopus or Chompsky. I think either would fit him. :-D

Comment by Courtney
2008-02-18 22:33:24

i think perkles cute

Comment by Rapunzel
2008-02-19 01:35:43

I like Chompsky… Mr Chompsky. I also like Mr. Munchie.

Comment by Tracy
2008-02-19 13:27:15

Who is that peeping out of the drainpipe?

I also like Chompsky!

Comment by Deserae Overdulve
2008-02-20 00:37:10


Comment by Christine
2008-02-21 17:36:51

Perkle fits him well I think. :)

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