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Thanks to everyone for playing guess the pun! It looks like almost everyone got it!!

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Comment by Eclipsed Moon
2008-02-20 00:31:48

Caesar salad.

Comment by Mint
2008-02-20 01:10:14

Caesar salad :)

Comment by Jackie
2008-02-20 01:18:44

Caesar salad! :D

Comment by Alex
2008-02-20 01:25:49

caesar salad?

Comment by Kari_Ann
2008-02-20 02:17:16

Caesar Salad! ^_^ lol so cute!

Comment by Edem
2008-02-20 02:21:25

Caesar Salad. …now I’m hungry…

Comment by WIlhelm
2008-02-20 03:06:30

ceasar salad… lol

Comment by LazerWulf
2008-02-20 03:34:36

Caesar Salad.

Hail Caesar!

Comment by SEA
2008-02-20 03:58:18

All hail the caesar salad! =p

Comment by kleer001
2008-02-20 04:30:16

Caesar Salad?

Comment by Nathan S.
2008-02-20 04:54:01

Wow I haven’t paid attention in awhile. I missed Kimbly!

The pun is Caesar Salad!

And I almost didn’t recognize Binx up there… it’s too late to be on the internet!

Comment by Roy
2008-02-20 04:56:10

Caesar salad :)

Comment by RichiH
2008-02-20 05:44:39

Hey, a double take :)

Roman salad
Italian dressing

Comment by KWarp
2008-02-20 05:48:16

Cesar Salad naturally

Comment by D Frank
2008-02-20 05:49:19

caesar salad.


Comment by Jón Tómas
2008-02-20 07:15:55

Caesar Salad :-)

Comment by Sqee
2008-02-20 07:46:21

Caesar Salad!

Comment by B
2008-02-20 08:51:50

greek salad?

Comment by Dragona
2008-02-20 09:42:49

Caesar Salad!

Which is funny, because we’re reading Caesar’s De Bello Gallico in my Latin class. It’s pretty awesome. :) My Latin teacher used to make Caesar puns all the time.

What’s not so awesome is that my Latin teacher has been preoccupied with her daughter’s cancer and hasn’t been able to teach us in a long time. This comic really makes me kind of miss that.

Comment by josh
2008-02-20 09:48:45

Caesar salad

Comment by Thinker
2008-02-20 10:00:24

First! ^^ Ceaser ((excuse my spelling)) salad!

Comment by Jenna
2008-02-20 10:07:05

Hehe! Ceasar salad! That’s cute. <3

Comment by Sonny
2008-02-20 10:16:40

Ceaser Salat

Comment by Person
2008-02-20 11:20:19

Caesar salad?

Comment by Steve
2008-02-20 11:20:31

Caesar Salad!

Binx, the spring-loaded Centurion? :D That’s just too cute, Ryan!

Comment by Nezume
2008-02-20 11:43:10

cesar salad

Comment by scifipoinsettia
2008-02-20 11:46:59

Ceasar salad!!

Comment by Keturah
2008-02-20 12:39:28

All Hail the Caesar Salad!

Comment by Kitty
2008-02-20 13:15:43

Ceaser Salad

Comment by Vron
2008-02-20 13:40:28

Caesar salad!

Comment by Holly Pringle
2008-02-20 13:48:20

Caesar Salad! HAHAHA! I LOVE IT!

Comment by Efrat
2008-02-20 14:10:30

Caesar Salad, I presume.

Comment by Janus
2008-02-20 14:45:22

Caesar salad!

Comment by david
2008-02-20 16:32:47

caesar salad. I dig it. took me awhile to figure out what was in the bowl though…

Comment by 00lizard
2008-02-20 16:49:58

Caesar Salad! :D My favorite kind of salad.

Comment by jonathan
2008-02-20 17:04:17

lol, ceasar salad. i wonder why they named it that?

Comment by ChristineA
2008-02-20 17:10:37

Caesar Salad!! hahahahahaha! I almost fell off my chair at work. Love it! :-D

Comment by Phizlo
2008-02-20 17:38:56

Caesar salad

Comment by Rose
2008-02-20 17:47:16

Caesar Salad? love tenderness’ helmet :)

Comment by dodoman1
2008-02-20 18:51:47

Caesar salad! Is it caesar salad? It’s caesar salad, isn’t it?

Comment by Reynard
2008-02-20 19:44:11

Hail, Ceasar Salad!

Comment by Garrett
2008-02-20 22:52:25

That Caesar salad is in purple danger!

Comment by Cybrina
2008-02-20 23:05:02

ceasar salad?

Comment by Alyssa
2008-02-21 00:06:29

Ceasar Salad.. :)

Comment by Kristen
2008-02-21 00:40:34

it’s Ceaser Salad!!!

Comment by Jake
2008-02-21 00:58:22

Caesar salad.

Comment by Roy
2008-02-21 02:48:17

Caesar Salad.

Hmmm, should be lots of answers… perhaps even a legion….

Comment by nick
2008-02-21 10:08:28

Caesar Salad!

Comment by Kili
2008-02-21 11:29:18

Ceasar Salad?

Comment by Cybrina
2008-02-21 12:54:16

for the hungry one, i think that the best name is munchie. its just sooo cute. thanx for adding him into the comic

Comment by saundra
2008-02-21 14:23:51

Greek salad

Comment by Helena
2008-02-21 14:27:31

Ceaser salad! :D

Comment by Wren
2008-02-21 17:14:36

Caesar Salad!

Comment by Tenderness
2008-02-21 17:44:20

Ceasar Salad!

Comment by FrenchTako
2008-02-21 17:52:05

Caesar Salad ! Hahahahahaha !

Comment by Ickabod
2008-02-21 18:35:21

Caesar Salad!

Comment by Dorrie
2008-02-21 18:41:15

Caesar salad! Ha! That was a tricky one!

Comment by Kristy
2008-02-21 19:05:32

cesar salad.

and also i just found this dite by accident and i think its the cutest.

Comment by Patrick
2008-02-21 22:11:05

Ceaser salad! This one was too easy (if that is the answer!)! :P

Comment by ladyamalthea
2008-02-21 23:41:20

Yay! Ceasar salad! I’m still laughing and I’m starting to have a hard time breathing. Okay…okay. I’m better now. This is awsome! (giggle)

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