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I’ve hidden the comments so you can’t read each other’s answers!

Ok, i’ve posted the answer, thanks to everyone for playing!

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Comment by Eclipsed Moon
2008-03-05 00:58:53

Hair spray.

Comment by Alex
2008-03-05 01:02:44

HAIRSPRAY hehehe, man if you could make that as a real product you could make billions….

Comment by Inho
2008-03-05 01:14:29

^^ ha ha, it’s hairspray! it kinda made me laugh..

Comment by Ali
2008-03-05 03:25:50


Comment by Zacha
2008-03-05 03:39:02

Hairspray =P

Comment by Edem
2008-03-05 03:56:16

Hair spray!

Comment by Kari_Ann
2008-03-05 04:04:05

Hair Spray?

HAHAHA! That is Great! I love your puns! ^_^

Comment by WIlhelm
2008-03-05 04:58:46

hair spray!

Comment by Liana
2008-03-05 05:33:28

Hair spray

Comment by LazerWulf
2008-03-05 06:36:20


ow, my sides…

Comment by D Frank
2008-03-05 06:42:46


very weird. im procrastinating on my paper for the musical/movie. maybe its a sign….

Comment by FrenchTako
2008-03-05 07:58:52

Hair Spray !!! Hilarious !

Comment by KWarp
2008-03-05 08:46:48

Hair spray!!! :D

Comment by unixrevolution
2008-03-05 09:18:00


Comment by Thinker
2008-03-05 10:02:21


Comment by Holly Pringle
2008-03-05 10:44:11

Hairspray! Hooray!

Comment by Dustin
2008-03-05 10:50:42

Hair spray!

Comment by Sonny
2008-03-05 11:00:29

Woo! Hair Spray!

Comment by kriss
2008-03-05 11:14:47

Hair Spray!!! Clever!!

Comment by Steve
2008-03-05 11:59:29

Hair spray!

Tenderness has quite the bouffant there, doesn’t he? :D

Comment by Jackie
2008-03-05 12:10:02

Hair spray!

Comment by scifipoinsettia
2008-03-05 12:41:56

Haha! Hairspray!

Comment by Maia
2008-03-05 12:48:55

Um… hairspray?

Comment by SaltyStrawberry
2008-03-05 13:41:42

Hair spray??

Comment by Helena
2008-03-05 14:03:14

Hair spray :D

Comment by Vron
2008-03-05 14:16:41

I wish I had hairspray like that. :(

Comment by Kili
2008-03-05 14:24:01

Hair Spray! =D

Comment by Narfix
2008-03-05 14:49:34

Hairspray :D

Excellent one !!

Comment by Garrett
2008-03-05 14:53:26

Danny Devito would like some hair spray.
(I was going to say Patrick Stewart, but I couldn’t imagine him without that bold, shiny top)

Comment by ladyamalthea
2008-03-05 15:40:51

Man, I look forward to these all week. Hair spray! This is definitely one of my new favorites and you are the clevererest guy on the planet!

Comment by Elle
2008-03-05 16:03:56


Comment by Kippers
2008-03-05 16:06:39

Hair spray? =]

Comment by Lex
2008-03-05 16:20:33


Comment by Rose
2008-03-05 16:50:08


I love Tenderness! Red haired Kimbly would be cool!

Comment by CondorTalon
2008-03-05 17:07:12



Comment by Guy
2008-03-05 17:43:45

Hmm, hair spray? However, I like Kimblys expression!

Comment by Phizlo
2008-03-05 18:00:45

Whipped cream?? or maybe hair cream?

Comment by Jessie
2008-03-05 18:08:48

0.0 ooo this one’s harder…. hairspray…? O_O

Comment by Lady Haldana
2008-03-05 18:24:00

Hair Spray! *giggle*

Comment by maren
2008-03-05 18:39:10

hair spray!

Comment by saundra
2008-03-05 18:59:44

Hairspray! I always use too much!

Comment by Lynnskay
2008-03-05 19:55:04

Kimbly would make a great red head. But I’m partial. Looks like fun.

Comment by Suzy
2008-03-05 19:57:45

Hair Spray

Comment by Sammy Cat
2008-03-05 20:31:48

Hair spray <3

Comment by Jessica
2008-03-05 21:08:41


Comment by Reality Filtered
2008-03-05 21:20:58

Hair Spray?

Comment by Ickabod
2008-03-05 21:27:28


Comment by Fox
2008-03-05 21:33:18

Fairly simple, uhm… Hair-Spray?

Comment by PsychoDuck
2008-03-05 21:34:46


The Duck Has Spoken.

Comment by Reynard
2008-03-05 22:02:51

Hairspray! (Although it actually looks like spray-on foam insulation in Tenderness’ case…)

Comment by Ripper-Roo
2008-03-05 22:18:00

hair spray! C:

Comment by SEA
2008-03-05 22:28:04

Hairspray of course =)

Really, i am impressed you can still find ideas after so many comics =p

Comment by dodoman1
2008-03-05 22:31:27


Comment by Zaindi
2008-03-05 22:50:26

Hair spray!! :D

Comment by Person
2008-03-05 23:27:06

hair spray?

Comment by Cami
2008-03-06 00:07:44

Is it Hairspray?
Love the look on tenderness!

Comment by kristen tsui
2008-03-06 00:17:36

hairspray !: D

Comment by Starguy
2008-03-06 01:51:37

Hairspray and Tenderness looks awesome with that hair.

Comment by Rose!
2008-03-06 03:54:41

What gets a gal asked out to lunch?
Is it brains? It is dough?

Comment by Roy
2008-03-06 04:53:14

Hair spray.

Kimbly as a redhead? Not bad…. but the golden tresses look INSANELY GOOD on Tenderness!

Comment by Roger D
2008-03-06 08:17:15

Hairspray surely :)

Comment by Efrat
2008-03-06 11:00:21

Hair Spray! :)

Comment by Richard
2008-03-06 12:12:29

Hair spray!

Comment by Paige
2008-03-06 14:01:43

Hairspray! ^_^

Comment by Tuss4
2008-03-06 14:03:04

hair spray

Comment by tygerwylde
2008-03-06 14:13:08


Comment by Dee
2008-03-06 15:11:04

Hairspray! lol

Comment by Justinoid
2008-03-06 17:53:27

This comic is as funny as it is easy to guess which in this case is very funny but the answer is har spray and is this comic at all related to the the movie Hair Spray

Comment by Alex Dudley
2008-03-06 18:00:51

Oh that’s easy.

hair sprays.

Comment by Patrick
2008-03-06 19:54:27

Hairspray? It took me a while! :P

Comment by Christine
2008-03-06 21:09:40


Comment by coolio
2008-03-09 18:31:45


…Lookin, snazzy, Tenderness!

Comment by ayriel
2008-03-25 17:32:10

that was not funny

Comment by ashley
2009-04-29 17:36:20

hehehehe it took me a while to figure the
at one out man i most be pretty dumb

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