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Highlight in between ” ” to see pun, the answer is “Shoelace

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Comment by Eclipsed Moon
2008-03-07 00:08:03

If you could try something, like


then you could have it be black-on-black, which would still show up when highlighting. I say this because I can read white-on-pink fairly easily.

Comment by Eclipsed Moon
2008-03-07 00:10:13

Ignore that last comment, I thought <code> would cover any HTML tags I tried in it. What I meant to say instead of where it said “answer” was:

<span style=”background-color:#000;color:#000″>answer<span>

I hope that one comes out correctly.

Comment by hmmm
2010-03-12 02:07:37

Ryan is a lame, talentless, loser. Other than that, the site is hi-larious. Really. Okay, you’re right, I can’t pull it off. The site sucks as much as the guy who created it.

Comment by Ben Wilson
2008-03-07 01:55:00

great new metheod, ryan!

Comment by hobbes
2008-03-07 02:15:46

this method is good.

Comment by ChristineA
2008-03-07 10:50:45

Okay… took me a minute to figure it out. I’m not awake yet this morning. heh.
But that’s a great idea! Also a great pun!

Comment by ladyamalthea
2008-03-07 16:11:03

Huh? Oh, okay. I get it now. I honestly had no idea why you had ” ” on there till I looked just a little closer. Very clever, I like it. Oh, and I just thought I’d let you know that this is the first time I havent’ been able to guess the pun. Also very clever!

Comment by Phizlo
2008-03-07 17:27:23

Nice =) Nice way to guess the pun

Comment by Geoff Lodder
2008-03-07 19:24:17

The guess ones were always my favorite. Hopefully this means we’ll get them more often. :) (Although, you might need to find a more intuitive way of hiding and showing the answer.)

Comment by morgan
2008-03-07 20:53:06

shoe lace!!

Comment by kikiriki
2009-02-23 18:12:13

hahahha…it isn’t shoe lace… :p

Comment by Kippers
2008-03-07 22:14:26

Cute as always, Ryan! =]

Comment by Harvest God
2008-03-09 07:10:37

The pun itself is actually one of your weaker ones IMO… I just don’t find it very funny, sorry… but the idea for hiding the answer to the guess the pun is great! Oh, and I had a few ideas for puns wandering in my head recently, if you like them, feel free to use them:
Spelling Bee
Kimbly takes on the world
Filthy rich
Best buds
…all I could think of for now. Hope I helped, if your stuck! ^^’

Comment by coolio
2008-03-09 18:30:06

^^ I can’t get it! …Well, until I saw answer. Shoelace!

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Comment by :9
2008-03-24 16:03:41

Let me gess a shoe lace.

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Comment by Ben
2008-07-22 22:31:37

I really prefer this type of Guess the Pun because it makes it loads easier for someone, like me, who is new to the site and is seeing all the old puns for the first time. I’m getting tired of puttting my hand in front of my screen just so i can guess. lol

Comment by Jenny
2012-02-09 17:54:57

Wow, Kimbly must be enjoying the doilies that lady made for her that she put on her shoes.

Comment by Jenny
2012-02-09 17:55:18


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