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I’ve hidden the comments so you can’t see each others answers!

I’ve posted the answer, thanks for playing!

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Comment by Vron
2008-03-11 23:55:19


Comment by SEA
2008-03-12 00:10:11


The seagull looks happy ^_^

Comment by Eclipsed Moon
2008-03-12 00:14:02


Comment by LazerWulf
2008-03-12 01:42:15

Tee Hee Hee

The password is: Swordfish

Comment by D Frank
2008-03-12 01:57:07



Comment by Edem
2008-03-12 02:19:09

Swordfish. Although it seems so easy I have a little doubt I’m right.

Comment by Liana
2008-03-12 02:41:13

Swordfish fight!

Comment by Roy
2008-03-12 03:13:09


GO KRUSHER! *cheers him on*

Comment by hobbes
2008-03-12 03:17:30


Comment by Ickabod
2008-03-12 07:19:52

Swordfish? Sword fight? Sunthin like tha’

Comment by Sonny
2008-03-12 08:08:34

Lol Swordfish :D

Comment by Jackie
2008-03-12 08:16:47

Sword fish! :D

Comment by FrenchTako
2008-03-12 08:25:42

Maybe hum er… Swordfish..?

Comment by unixrevolution
2008-03-12 09:06:46

If I’m right with “Swordfish”, you need to try harder ;)

Comment by Riddle
2008-03-12 09:22:52

mhh Swordfish?

Comment by Person
2008-03-12 09:53:27


Comment by Steve
2008-03-12 10:44:55

En garde! Krusher is quite the buccaneer with his trusty swordfish. :)

Comment by Nezume
2008-03-12 10:51:39

Sword fish!

Comment by CondorTalon
2008-03-12 11:27:11


Comment by Efrat
2008-03-12 12:36:29

Sword fish :)

Comment by PsychoDuck
2008-03-12 12:53:06

Swordfish, of course!

Comment by Lucy
2008-03-12 15:40:24

Swordish, or trout slap!

Comment by coolio
2008-03-12 15:47:34


Dawwwh! Kimbly’s all like: OO DON’T DIE!!!

xD I know, I’m insane.

Comment by Janus
2008-03-12 15:56:13

Swordfish! Tenderness seems to enjoy himself as a captain.

Comment by ladyamalthea
2008-03-12 16:00:18

A swordfish! Who knew that a real swordfish (the animal kind) would make such an evil enemy! I like Kimbly’s expression and Tenderness’s sailor suit too!

Comment by Starguy
2008-03-12 16:08:22


Comment by Justinoid
2008-03-12 18:03:17

Sword Fish and Kimbly scared for Krusher

Comment by asya173
2008-03-12 18:28:11

Swordfish. That’s TWO smart-looking suits for Tenderness now!

Comment by Sqee
2008-03-12 18:36:20

sword fish!

Comment by Phizlo
2008-03-12 19:05:03

Sword fish

Comment by kristen tsui
2008-03-12 19:14:47

swordfish ! :D

Comment by ChristineA
2008-03-12 19:28:24

Hmmm. Sword fighting??? This is a toughie! :-D

Comment by WIlhelm
2008-03-12 20:18:23

Sword Fish!

Comment by Tuss4
2008-03-12 21:35:51


Comment by Patrick
2008-03-12 22:30:22

Swordfish? Love Kimbly’s expression. Where has the purple pet been lately? (Sorry I forgot his name!) :P

Comment by Bainick
2008-03-13 09:57:36


I’d have to loved have of seen him as Guybrish Threepwood!

Comment by Holly Pringle
2008-03-13 10:33:22


Comment by Helena
2008-03-13 11:47:16

Sword fish? :P

Comment by Dustin
2008-03-13 21:18:30


Comment by GuyD
2008-03-14 17:27:39

What, thats the answer? Man, I thought it couldn’t be that easy and didn’t wrote a comment. I was irritated because Krusher is fenching with the swordfish.

Comment by Jessica
2008-03-24 23:14:27

I love Kimbly’s expression. Go Krusher!

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