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Comment by Steve
2008-05-14 01:33:40

:o That’s a bad mitten, indeed! :D Awesome, Ryan.

Comment by Benjamin Wilson
2008-05-14 02:05:26

Yeah,awesome! I love it!

Comment by ChristineA
2008-05-14 08:38:36

hahahaha!! I agree…. Awesome pun!!
Tenderness looks so darn cute in his polo shirt :-D

Comment by TNT
2009-02-24 17:06:17

Tenderness looks so darn cute anyway!

Comment by Jessica
2008-05-14 21:47:29

Good one! Kimbly watch out!

Comment by Tenderness
2008-05-15 17:06:11

you could of also done “Batminton” and have a kimbly and tenderness hitting a bat. . oh yeah….. im back! *cue screaming fangirls* man, i haven’t commented in a while.

Comment by mary
2009-12-08 17:32:36


Comment by mary
2009-12-08 17:33:00

(like i care.)

Comment by Liana
2008-05-17 17:05:34

Nice, agreed about Tenderness and his polo shirt.

Comment by Gabby
2008-11-30 16:22:30

Haha, nice one! before you know it that mitten will be stealing scarves and socks from the laundry room!

Comment by brandon @ xbox 360 fix
2010-08-25 14:46:00

badminton it looks fun, but iv’e never really played it. Where do you even find that wierd shaped ball?

Comment by Badminton Rules
2010-09-19 00:55:01

Thank you very much for this very cute post!:)

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