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Comment by Ritz
2008-05-23 01:47:42

Hands on blue dude
Mouse’s eyes
extra drum
purple guy’s teeth
the triangle at the bottom of the guitar
the sashes on the mic

Comment by gram
2008-10-02 20:39:15

candle? what candle?

Comment by Rachael
2009-11-04 18:29:04

the candle in the white guys hand

Comment by LazerWulf
2008-05-23 04:09:42

1) Tenderness has lighter
2) Binx’s eyes are different
3) Blue guy’s hands are different
4) Ribbon on microphone is purple
5) Yellow triangle added on red guitar
6) Drum is added
7) Chomptopus has extra tooth (you need to add him to the cast page. I had to go into the blog archives to remember his name.)

Comment by Person
2008-05-23 10:14:45

1: color of ribbons on microphone
2:tenderness’ lighter is gone in the 1st pic
3:binx’s face
4:krusher’s pet’s hands
5: arrow on guitar
6: 1 drum is missing in first pic
7: Can’t find 7

Comment by Person
2008-05-28 11:10:55

wait, the teeth

Comment by bobbi
2008-05-23 10:33:45

Tenderness holding candle
blue dude fingers
purple dude extra tooth
brown dude open eyes
triangle on red guitar
different color streamer on microphone
missing drum on left

Otherwise, cool rock band

Comment by gram
2008-10-08 22:44:44

binx is brown dude

Comment by Liana
2008-05-23 13:59:52

1. Binx’s eyes
2. Tenderness has a lighter (how cute!)
3. One of the ribbons on the microphone is a different color.
4. There is a yellow triangle on the guitar.
5. Perkle is missing a tooth (by the way, he’s still not in the cast section)
6. Another drum has showed up.
7. Blue-guy-whos-name-I’ve-forgotten no longer has “rock-out!” hands. He’s just waving with his hands with his thumbs bent inward.

Comment by ladyamalthea
2008-05-23 18:38:17

1.The little blue dude is not holding all his fingers up. 2.Tenderness has a lighter (hehe). 3.Little purple dude has an extra tooth. 4.Binx’s eyes are open. 5.The banners on the microphone are purple and orange. 6.The red guitar has an extra inlay at the bottom. 7. Nope, that’s it. That’s all I could find. Say, what are the little dudes names? I can’t believe I forgot!

Comment by Ace
2008-05-23 22:50:12

Binx’s eyes
Microphone Baner thingy
Triangle on guitar
tenderness’ lighter
other blue guys hand’s (what IS his name?!?)
and too lazy to find the rest ;)

Comment by Gissi
2008-05-24 08:51:14

I luv picture difference games, specially if its Kimbly…
welll here this is what i found:

1. Microphone ribbons are different color
2. Tenderness has a candle.
3. Binx eyes are open
4. The red guitar has a yellow triangle print.
5. The purple fellow has an extra tooth.
6. The blue fellow has hands all open.
7. There is an extra drum shown, behind the lead rock singer

Comment by Rose
2008-05-24 10:00:56


Comment by John
2008-05-24 11:43:03

1. the red guitar is different
2. binx’s eyes
3. teh color of one of the ribbons on the mic
4. tenderness’ candle
5. the hand’s on the blue guy next to tenderness
6. a drum(i think) to the left of the rock with the spike collar is missing in the upper pic
7. a tooth on the purple thing next to kimbly

Comment by Bainick
2008-05-24 11:54:02

triangle on the red guitar, lighter in Tenderness’ hand, colour of one of the cloths on the mic has changed, new drum has appeared, additional finger raised on small blue creatures rock finger sign, eyes on the mouse creature are opened.

Comment by WIlhelm
2008-05-24 11:59:42

1) Blue character’s hands different
2) tenderness now holding a candle
3) Bink’s eyes
4) orange ribbon on mic now purple
5) drum added at back to left of frontmost rock
6) red guitar has yellow triangle added to base of guitar
7) Purpcl moster dude has an extra tooth.

Comment by kris
2008-05-24 13:42:30

1. Little Mouse’s eyes
2. Purple person’s teeth
3. Scarfs on the microphone
4. Blue Guys hands
5. Tenderness’s lighter
6. Triangle on the red guitar
7. Extra drum on the left side of the lead rock singer’s head

Comment by Phizlo
2008-05-26 19:31:47

1) the match in Tenderness’s hand
2) Binx’s eyes
3) The yellow triangle on the red guitar
4) The hands on the little blue guy, what’s his name
5) an extra tooth in Chomby, the purple dude(forgot his name)
6) the color of one of those ribbon banner things on the microphone
7) An extra drum beside the singer rock

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