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Comment by jazz_machine
2009-05-11 08:28:13

YAY! New Kimbly joke! love it ;)

Comment by kimbly fan 4 life
2009-05-12 21:17:47

You did this one on January 2, 2008. Although I absolutley LOVE this site, I like it even more when you come up with NEW material. Maybe like ” Kimbly has lost her mind” (Kimbly wanders around like an idiot while Binx, Krusher and Ferguson look for her brain)? “Breaking the fourth wall” (Kimbly and Tenderness watch as Cruelness and Krusher pound the fourth wall in a row of walls with a sledgehammer)? “Cruelness takes a bath” (Kimbly and Tenderness watch helplessly as Cruelness runs off with their bathtub)? “Carpet” (Kimbly walks proudly out of a pet shop, holding a leash with her new baby car attached to it)? “Computer Monitor” (Kimbly paces the room intensly monitoring a computer)? “Bellhop” (A jumping bell with a takes a suitcase from Kimbly and Krusher in a hotel lobby)? I’ve given enough suggestions. Feel free to use them in your comic strips!

Comment by Ashley G.
2010-03-28 10:58:53

Those are really good ideas! Are you a comidian or something??

Comment by Lee
2009-09-28 12:49:26

As opposed to a Little Dee Tale ( http://littledee.net/ ) ?

Comment by Titanium Earrings :
2010-10-27 20:01:44

LCD monitors are the de factor standard these days because they do not consume too much electricity::,

Comment by Floating Shelves ·
2010-11-13 12:41:21

msot computer monitors these days are already using LCD technology and some are LED-LCD ;;:

Comment by Jacqualine Sulipizio
2011-07-05 18:03:58

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