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Check out this awesome fan art I got!!! I hope you love it as much as i do! :)

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Comment by danineteen
2009-07-20 21:36:02


Comment by Jason
2009-07-23 10:48:17

This is AWESOME! Looks like a great artist in the making! =)

Comment by Linda
2009-07-23 11:52:23

Great drawing, Gia! You are very talented!

Comment by tamila
2009-07-23 16:36:41

sooooooooooooooooo cute*giggle*

Comment by maresy
2009-07-24 05:08:39

WOW! It love it! It makes me smile :)

Comment by Giovanna
2009-07-24 05:10:03

Thank you so much!

Comment by Jeannine
2009-07-25 07:52:18

This is great! I can tell you worked really hard.:)

Comment by Nana
2009-07-25 07:57:09

Im so proud of you. I hope to see more of your wonderful work!

Comment by Papa
2009-07-25 07:57:37

I’m so excited to see this. Keep up the good work!

Comment by JJ
2009-07-25 15:54:55

I love your style… great red scarf around the fluffy guy! And I like the finger trap toy between Kimbly and the other character!

Comment by Giovanna
2009-07-31 05:54:23

That’s a trampoline, not a finger trap toy! Hahaha

Comment by DigitalJedi007
2009-07-28 04:48:19

Wow, that is GREAT!!! Such attention to detail at that young an age?! Keep it up Gia, I’m sure this is only the start for you!

Comment by melissa
2009-07-29 14:39:19

What a great drawing Gia, you are really talented, I think it’s so cool that you are the featured artist on here. You are now famous!!

Comment by vanessa lau
2009-10-03 03:45:09


Comment by mary
2009-12-08 17:50:14

oh my gosh, vanessa, i’ve seen you around before, you have such an aditude! whats your problem? your always complaining or saying something rude about something! jeez……… :(

Comment by Triceratops
2010-04-25 02:52:37

I totally agree!! (with mary, by the way)
I know vanessa, and she definately is someone with a LOT of attitude.
When we were kids, about 9 years old – SEE, you used to be a kid TOO vanessa! – we were friends.
Then after she started complaining about everything it wasn’t long until she complained about me too. And she broke up with me.
AHAHA, I can’t wait for vanessa to read that! Don’t know if she’ll care about me telling other people about that!! (Oh, and she’ll know it’s me because the nickname “triceratops” was from when we were still best friends.)


Comment by max
2010-01-10 17:01:39

Nice…but what is it exactly?

Comment by max
2010-01-10 17:02:31

No ofence by the way :D

Comment by max
2010-01-10 17:03:15

Oops… ( <:D)

Comment by max
2010-03-21 00:45:19


Comment by Triceratops
2010-04-25 02:39:51

How can you say that?

Comment by Gabrielle Ross
2010-05-13 16:34:39

my kids just love to jump around on trampolines and they are sort of addicted to it.-`.

Comment by Mirror Tiles 
2010-10-20 16:39:20

my kids just love to jump all day lon on trampolines, they are addicted to it*;`

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