Ryan is a creative within the field of animation.  He’s best known for designing and storyboarding the characters in the animated sequence in the Oscar-winning film “Bowling for Columbine”.  From there he went on to storyboard for 20th Century Fox and Bluesky Studio’s movie Robots.  The he worked on “Pinky Dinky Doo” for Noggin. 
   His cartoons have appeared in Mad Magazine, Nickelodeon Magazine, Found Magazine, and the “Flight Anthology” for Random House.
  Ryan is currently working a freelance Illustrator and writing and drawing Children's picture books!

To see Ryan's Illustration portfolio go to www.ryansias.com.


Then March 11 is Blue Sky's new movie ROBOTS. I did storyboards for this movie and I wrote some of the jokes!


I was the character desginer and early boarder for the animation in this movie.

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Silent kimbly and all other characters and everything in kimbly's universe © Ryan sias 2005
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