Yukiko Adachi

Here it is!!
Kimbly in REAL LIFE!!
Yukiko made this Amazing Kimbly costume and was nice and took some photos before halloween!

This is totally amazing to me!!
Thanks Yukiko!!

check out her Art.

Yukiko as Kimbly at a halloween party!

Yukiko Adachi

Yukiko decided, she's going to make her self a Kimbly outfit for Halloween.

She was kind enough to take photos for me, and them to share them with you. : )

check out her Art.


She bought a pink hoodie and a some rabbit ear headband.

( Any head band would work, and for halloween stores have TONS of animal head band that you could use.)

here is a link for an online store where you can buy pink hoodies. (here's one with a strip that looks nice)


She also got some yellow stockings.

Yukiko claims she's going to wrap orange tape around them to make the strips.


Then she found some red fabric shoes.

We also had the idea that if you cant find red shoes you could buy black ones and spray paint them red!


So now, will all the pieces, she sews yellow fabric onto the hooide to make Kimbly’s “Dress”


Next she covers the animal ears in the head band with foam and Yellow fabric. And attached them to the headband.
( I think she ended up shorting the ears.)
I also thought you could make the ears out of balloons and paint the strips one.


She had trouble keeping it on here head, it was kinda top heavy. So we had 2 ideas to help keep it on here head.

  1. Create a chinstrap. Tie a string form the head band to so it can loop under your chin, this will help stabilize it.
  2. 2. To make it SUPER stable levitra generique en ligne, you can attach the headband to a backwards baseball hat. Cut off the rim of the head, and then sew. Duck tape to the top of hat. Then you can pull the bangs threw the back of the hat.


Now we see what we have put together.. All the yellow is in place!!


She’s added orange fabric strips to ears!

Now she attaches a fabric red Dot. You could sew it on, or just use hot glue.


LOOK it’s Kimbly’s costume in REAL LIFE!!! Amazing.. it looks just like it!!

If you want to make a kimblys costume but have more questions you are welcome to email me and I’ll be happy to help out.


She get a pink/purply sparkey wig


Special thanks to Yukiko,
who's making this the coolest web halloween EVER!!!


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