Welcome to the fun and creative world of Silent Kimbly. A place where visual puns and cute wordplay literally come to life. Follow Kimbly , a spunky space girl, her pet “Binx”, & her adorably fuzzy friend “Tenderness” as they find the joy in everyday.





Kimbly is the hero. She’s cute but tough. She loves her friends and looks out for them. She likes to do what’s right, but also enjoys a good laugh. She’s a strong modern girl who likes to ‘do the right thing’.

Tenderness is just that, a big fluff ball of tenderness. Tenderness likes to surprise people with little gifts, but he’s also very sensitive and cries easily. Tenderness likes hugs, hot chocolate and the company of Kimbly.

Binx is Kimbly’s pet. He can jump around by turning his tail into a spring. He loves Kimbly, and stays by her side through thick and thin.

Cruelness is the bad guy. He likes to pick on Tenderness and cause Kimbly trouble. He likes anything that’s annoying…he’s just not nice. Krusher, is Kimbly’s crush. He likes to jump and hit stuff. He doesn’t’ like bad puns, and tends to live in his own world, ignoring whatever’s going on around him. He tends to act first and think later. He is a good guy, who needs to be moving at all times. Fergison is the goof ball. He’s ‘high-energy’ and likes to do crazy stuff. He’s gets bored easily and likes to make jokes out of everything. He’s the clown of the group.
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